Your ‘Animal Crossing’ Avatar is Officially More Stylish Than You, Thanks to Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs just released a new collection of brightly-colored knits, mixed-media dresses and light-washed denim jackets, but unfortunately no one will be able to add these gorgeous design to their actual closet. That's because the clothes are entirely digital, made specifically for avatars in the game Animal Crossing. So, yes, your online persona is now officially a better dresser than you are IRL.

More than ten years after its initial boom, Animal Crossing is back and more popular than ever following Nintendo's release of the updated Animal Crossing New Horizons on March 20. Celebrities like Chrissy Teigen, Brie Larson, Elijah Wood and even T-Pain have all taken to social media to sing the game's praises and discuss their islands. Hell, the game might even be considered one of the top influences for the resurgence of cottagecore home decor.

The new version of the game allows users to design their own clothes (with a ton of ways to embellish and innovate), which has led some to try recreating their favorite runway pieces in digital miniature. In fact, there's even an Instagram account, @animalcrossingfashionarchive, (run by a real-life fashion photographer, we might add) dedicated to documenting all the high-fashion styles avatars are currently rocking. We can only imagine Jacobs seeing these digital recreations and thinking, why not give the people exactly what they're asking for? 

His six-piece digital collection is currently available within the game and takes direct inspiration from some of his favorite looks in his eponymous brand's archive. There's a blue and orange stripe knit and a pink intarsia sweater, as well as a frilly purple mini dress we with we could really wear out and about this summer. There's also a mixed-media coat with a gorgeous blue-gray top half and an attention-grabbing black bottom with a geometric purple and gray border, and a similar lightweight shacket in baby blue with lots of big white buttons and white trim around the pockets.

Jacobs is not the only designer hopping on the digital train. Valentino also released 20 looks pulled right from its spring/summer 2020 and fall/winter 2020 collections. So even if you've been wearing nothing but sweatpants, pajamas and athleisure for the past two months, at least you can sport some of the hottest designer duds online.



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