Lens Replacement Is the Faster, Less Expensive Way to Refresh Your Tired Glasses

Your frames, new lenses

There comes a time in every woman’s life when she really needs clarity. Here’s our tip: Insist on convenience while you’re at it. That’s the deal with LensDirect and their fast and reasonably priced lens swap services. LensDirect lens replacement enables you to not only swap out your old lenses for new ones shipped direct to your home, but also makes it easy to upgrade to seamless progressives or whatever new lens style you prefer.

We’re talking your frames (the ones that fit your face juuust right and took you forever to find) with new lenses. This is a boon because, while there’s no way of getting around actually scheduling an eye exam, we’ve found that the expense of—and time spent shopping for—new frames plus buying new lenses adds a couple pain points we’d rather not deal with. And in our experience, eyewear sales staff tend to hem and haw when you ask to put new lenses in your current beloved frames—because after all, they have to sell those new frames to justify their overhead.

Here’s how LensDirect works instead:

  1. Choose full-service or DIY sunglasses lens replacement
  2. Specify type of frame you’re re-lensing (plastic acetate, metal, semi-rimless, rimless)
  3. Choose from three levels of progressives, bifocals, readers or even blue-light blocking
  4. Upload prescription and mail in your old frames with a pre-paid address label

Within two weeks of LensDirect receiving your glasses, you’ll have new crisp vision, spending well under $100 (progressive lenses start at $80) for what we’ve spent $400 shopping for at our eye doctor’s. Pro tip: We like to replace lenses in our old frames even if we’re treating ourselves to a new pair of frames, ya know, just in case we misplace a pair.

*Checks tops of head.*

dana dickey

Senior Editor

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