16 Spring Pieces from H&M Moms Can't Wait to Buy Their Kids (From $5 Up)

With warm weather approaching and sunny days ahead, spring always inspires a fresh start—especially when it comes to your kids’ clothes. But mothers know all too well that a “fresh start” can be another word for “whole paycheck,” which is why moms Mikaela (Brooklyn stylist) and Lizabeth (So Cal vlogger) both shop at H&M. There, they don’t have to sacrifice what’s important to them—sustainability and style—for an affordable price point. Curious what’s in their carts? Here, all the pieces they’re buying their kids this spring.

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Mikaela Pabon

Fresh Florals And Animal Prints

“Spring always feels like a new beginning for our wardrobes,” says Mikaela, mom to Christian and Elle. “The kids are always in different sizes from the previous year, so I pretty much have to buy them all new clothes once spring hits—which I love! I have so much fun dressing them in cool prints and colors, and fortunately they love it too. There always seems to be a fresh selection of florals and animal prints at H&M when spring rolls around, which always gets me excited,” she says.

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Mikaela Pabon

Buttery Yellows And Pops Of Pink

“I love that I can shop the spring selections for the whole family at H&M. There are always so many stylish and colorful options for each of us, and I know I won’t break the bank. Christian is getting to the point where he wants to pick out his own clothes, and H&M always has the coolest t-shirts for him. Having a range of options is also important because often times, the boys' section in stores is much smaller (& less colorful) than the girls’,” explains Mikaela. This season, she’s all in on buttery yellows and pops of pink: the quintessential spring palette.

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Lizabeth Rebecca

Sustainable & Durable Basics

“When shopping for my kids, sustainability and one stop shopping is most important to me because with two kids in grade school, life is busy, and my kids are rough with their clothing!” says Lizabeth, mom to Emma, Ethan, Ezra and one on the way. Being able to check all her boxes at one place is what makes H&M her preference for not only the kids, but for herself, too. If their selection of everyday, quality pieces that hold up to busy children (and parents) doesn’t hook you, their collection of clothing made from sustainable and recycled clothing surely will.

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Lizabeth Rebecca

Stylishly Comfortable Options

And, H&M is anything but limited. In fact, their range of choices—whether you need a girl’s sundress for special occasions or fun pants your boy can wear from play date to dinner—is rooted in comfort. “When it comes to the actual spring clothing, I love both stylish pieces for those extra special days and comfort for everyday fun. H&M is our go-to because I know I’m going to find things that both my kids and I will love, especially with their awesome prices and fun, creative selection.” Note how Lizabeth layers her kids’ outfits to get even more mileage through the season. Cute doesn’t even begin to cover it.

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