How to Wear an Infinity Scarf

Style dos and don'ts, comin' atcha

The question How do I wear a scarf? seems a little silly. Take scarf, wrap around neck, be done...right? But what happens when you try to top any old outfit with a colorful wrap and it overpowers the entire thing and you've suddenly become a cartoon snowman incarnate? Here are a few simple rules of thumb to follow.

Do: Keep Textures And Size In Mind

Your most on-trend options are faux furs, heavy knits and blanket plaids. And all should have a considerable weight--for impact.

DON'T: Settle for a flimsy open-weave; otherwise it comes across looking cheap.

Do: Appreciate A Neutral Color Palette

Grays, camels, blacks and whites are your best bet for streamlining a look.

DON'T: Let the scarf be just an addition. Make it part of the whole colorway package.

Do: Try A Pop Of Color (with Purpose)

Not all color is bad. Just know when and where you can pack a punch. 

DON'T: Mix too many statement colors together or you'll look like a lot. (Black + white + red = always a solid combo.)

So Samantha

Do: Keep It High And Tight

This is one of the biggest styling queries when it comes to scarves of any kind--how low on your body it should hang. Our preference? Snug and bundled up close to the neck.

DON'T: Risk looking sloppy in a low-slung situation across your torso.

Do: Style It Over Your Shoulders (when Possible)

This all depends on the weight and length of your knit. But if you have a heavy piece, feel free to experiment with draping it across your shoulders.

DON'T: Apply this tip if doing so leaves a gap around your neck. The look should always come close to your chin and can expand out from there.