3 Tips for Wearing a Wrap Dress If You Have Big Boobs

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Plunge bras? Too racy. Camisoles? Ugh. This is the eternal struggle of the wrap dress in a nutshell. While we love the way they define and separate the girls (no uni-boob here), some of us need a mature way to wear the style without getting all Janet Jackson at the Superbowl. Here are three ways to keep it classy, sourced straight from real-life busty ladies.

Pin it. But not the way you’re thinking. Forget your first instinct, which is probably to secure the neckline by pinning the two sides together above your chest, at the exact spot where you’d like the V to come to a point. Instead, pull the wrap tight until your chest is covered to your liking, then pin the fabric together below the bust—ideally near where it ties at your waist. It has the same outcome, but you won’t get any of the obvious pulling and potential tearing that happen when the fabric is being precariously stretched across the middle.

Layer it. Your good ol’ white T-shirt is here to save the day once again, as long as the dress is sleeveless or spaghetti strap. While this is a style tip that should be reserved for more casual occasions, it’s perfect for reaping all the benefits of a wrap dress (defined chest, cinched waist, chic street cred) without having to be on exposure-watch all damn day. Plus, it’s super on-trend.

Play peekaboo. This is the sexiest trick that still manages to keep things PG-13—the slight tease of a lacy bralette. Thought you couldn’t wear one in a million years? Check out busty bralettes like this one or this one. They’re especially made for women who wear a DD-F cup size to give them the lacy sassiness of a delicate bra, only with more coverage and support. Go ahead and throw one on beneath your wrap dress and let it peek out at the edges of your neckline. The lace will make it look intentional and not at all accidental. Plus, it’s a great way to add a little extra oomph on a Saturday night. Consider it your third piece.

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