How to Wash All Your (Secretly Disgusting) Scarves

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We like to fancy ourselves ladies with proper hygiene. But there are inevitably a few wardrobe pieces that somehow miss the cleaning schedule. For starters: your leather gloves. And now: your winter scarves. Here’s the low down on de-germing those babies.

What do I need? Baby shampoo and a large mixing bowl. (Sure, you can shell out for those fancy delicate-specific soaps, but baby shampoo works just as well.)

What do I do? Fill the bowl with cool water and add a few drops of the shampoo. Swirl your hand to mix the suds and water, and submerge the scarf. Let it soak for about ten minutes (any longer could damage the fabric), then pour out the soapy water, keeping the scarf in the bowl. Add a shallow amount of fresh water to the bowl, swish around and pour out. Repeat a few times until you feel the soap has been thoroughly rinsed. Press the scarf against the edge of the bowl to squeeze out the water. (Wringing is a no-no.) And lie flat to dry on a smooth, airy surface.

Can’t I just rinse the scarf under the faucet? Nope. Direct, harsh water pressure could also damage the fabric.

And which fabrics can I use this on? Silk, rayon, cashmere, wool…you name it. Just always wash one scarf at a time to avoid dye running.

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