Charm Necklaces Are the Twee-Chic Accessory We’re Suddenly Seeing Everywhere

We’re endlessly falling into an IG hole while studying the chic and sentimental feels coming from charm necklaces. Whether they’re on vacationing celebs or red-carpet stars, layered necklaces hung with meaningful little treasures—and if we’re lucky, diamonds—are as entrancing to us as jangled keys are to a baby. Here are our tips for starting your own stack.

Choose a Sturdy Chain

Large-link chains look contemporary and are sturdy enough to hang all the charms you’d like.

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Select a Charm Holder

These simple rings and connectors are as much fun to collect as the charms that hang from them. User’s note: It’s cooler when you mix and match metals and enamels.

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Add a Vintage Vibe

Layered Necklaces Anine Bing Facebook/Anine Bing 

Include a family heirloom in your stack or rotate in newly purchased treasures that have a timeless feel.

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Layer In A Medallion (Or Three)

Jennifer Meyer Medallions Facebook/Jennifer Meyer Jewelry 

Special love tokens, good-luck charms and totems of personal achievement are best kept hanging right next to your heart.

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