How to Stretch Jeans That Shrunk in the Dryer

how to stretch jeans

You know when you wash and dry your favorite jeans and they’re suddenly nearly impossible to pull over your thighs? Yeah, that’s the worst. But luckily, we recently discovered a way to loosen too-tight denim…no lunges required. Here’s how to stretch jeans that shrunk in the dryer.

1. What You Need:

A pair of too-tight (or too-short) jeans and spray bottle full of water.

2. What You Do:

Step 1: Spritz water liberally on the area you want stretched and lay the wet jeans flat on the floor.

Step 2: Stand or kneel on the ends or waist. Using your hands (secret workout!), tug the areas in need. The time you spend pulling depends on how much they’ve shrunk, but when we tried this for jeans that became too short, we pulled the bottom of each leg for a good minute.

Step 3: Let the jeans dry and rest assured you’ll be able to zip them up with ease tomorrow.

Voilà. Your skinny jeans are back to their original state of awesomeness.

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