Want to Shop Our Editors’ Faves? Send Us a Text

You know that feeling when you’re scrolling your newsfeed, reading an article or going through emails and you come across a product that just *totally* speaks to you? (Why, yes, I do need an instant lift face mask, thanks for asking.) We try to make you feel like that all the time here at PureWow, because we love to shop, and we want to share our favorite finds with you. Plus, who doesn’t need a little retail therapy every now and then?

Now we’re making it even easier to purchase all your favorite items that we write about. It’s called wowtext, and it’s a handy new messaging service that’s easy to sign up for and even easier to use. Basically, our editors will do all the shopping legwork for you, so you can order what you want with a few taps. Think: editor-favorite products spanning beauty, home, fashion, wellness and more, from brands you know and love to under-the-radar labels you have yet to discover (that you'll immediately want to tell everyone in your BFF group text about).

Here’s how it works: Sign up, enter your payment details, and we’ll text you our latest editor-approved picks at a special discounted price.

That’s it! You just have to respond with the quantity you want (one sheet mask for you, one for mom on Mother's Day—psst, it's May 8 this year), and they’ll be delivered right to your doorstep. Pretty cool, right?

You can expect to be notified about things like the aforementioned bestselling Joanna Vargas Eden Instant Lift Mask, the PureWow reader-favorite Angela Caglia Rose Quartz Gua Sha Tool and the oh-so-useful Dreamland Baby Weighted Kids Blanket.

So don’t mind us: We’ll just be anxiously waiting for your first text.


Director, Branded Content + Cohost, Royally Obsessed Podcast

As Director of Branded Content at Gallery Media Group, Roberta helps oversee the ideation and execution of sponsored content and experiential campaigns across PureWow and ONE37pm...