This App Helped Me Fill In My Wardrobe Gaps…and It Turns Out I Was Missing the Craziest Thing

There was a time in my life when I refused to wear black. Everything I owned was brightly colored, printed or patterned. And while I’ve since come around on the power of the LBD and the versatility of black jeans, I still gravitate primarily toward what you might call “special” pieces. I love my millennial pink boiler suit, silver sequin joggers and multiple tulle midi skirts. But truth be told, they’re a little tricky to style for everyday wear. It wasn’t until I started playing around with the closet-organizing app Finery that I truly figured out why.

The simplest way to describe Finery is as a wardrobe-organizing app akin to Cher Horowitz’s amazing digital closet from Clueless. But really it does so much more than that. By keeping a record of everything you’ve ever purchased, Finery gives you a bird’s-eye view of every dress, sweater and pair of jeans you own, allowing you to not only play dress-up with your own clothes but also finally confront the fact that you have, say, far too many going out tops and not enough work-appropriate blouses. It will even suggest items to help fill in your wardrobe gaps, a feature that I needed more than I knew.

creating looks using the finery app

One afternoon while playing around with Finery’s “Style Me” feature (in which the app suggests outfit ideas starting with things you already own), I realized that maybe the reason I had so much trouble figuring out what to wear in the morning was because I was missing one of the most basic wardrobe staples imaginable, an item that Finery repeatedly suggested would look great with everything I already had.

Turns out I didn’t own a plain, white, crew-neck T-shirt. Um, yeah.

Because I’d so often justified my shopping sprees as “special,” I’d somehow missed stocking up on key items like T-shirts or pairs of pants that aren't denim. Or sequined.

finery suggests things to purchase

In fact, when I clicked over to Finery’s suggested items to shop, it consisted almost entirely of basics like white tees, solid-colored sweaters and dresses made for layering. Sure, there was also a pair of sequin fringe shorts and a matching jacket (thanks for appealing to my inner Beyoncé, Finery) but, for the most part, the app was helping me to shop smarter rather than just shop. It was helping me simplify my life and adultify my aesthetic. (That’s a word, right?)

Luckily, plain white tees aren’t exactly hard to come by (or hard on your wallet, for that matter) so in a few short clicks, my wardrobe woes were already on their way to being solved.




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