5 Surprising Ways to Save Money on ASOS

It’s not like you don’t know how to Google for a last-minute promo code right before you pull the trigger shopping online. Still, the likelihood of a 30 percent off coupon that “1,700 people successfully used today” actually working on that cute skirt you have to have from ASOS is slim to none. That’s why we pulled together a handful of tried-and-true ways to save the next time you visit the site.

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Take Advantage Of The “save For Later” Feature

That cute skirt you’ve been eyeing? If it’s still slightly out of your budget, click the heart next to the item to save it for later—for the next 60 days, you can keep tabs on it by checking your “saved items” folder to see if there’s a new discount code to apply or, better yet, a price drop. Keep in mind: Saved items aren’t reserved items, which means anything in that folder could be snapped up by someone else. Still, the odds are in your shopping favor.

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Sign Up For The Newsletter

Two words: Member perks. When you register with the site, you’re automatically eligible for regular discounts and coupons emailed to you by the week. Bonus: You’ll get a 10 percent off birthday coupon once a year. (Hey, every little bit helps.)

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Buy Basics In Bulk

You need a new T-shirt/pair of ankle bootie socks/bra. Before you buy, peep the multi-pack section of the ASOS website to see if you can score a deal by ordering more than one. Yep, opting for a two-pack of short-sleeve T-shirts can save you 20 percent while a three-pack of bandeau bras is just $24. Hey, if you’re stocking up anyway, it never hurts to invest in more than one.

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Toggle The Currency And Pay In British Pounds

OK, so this one’s more of a loophole than a solid savings tactic, but get this: If you load up your ASOS shopping cart with the currency set to USD, then switch the payment method to pounds right before you check out, you could save a whopping 20 percent off the cost of the total bill. You’ll want to use a currency converter before you pay just to be sure you really are getting a discounted price, but we tried it, and it worked for us. (Just be sure you use a credit card without any foreign transaction fees.)

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Sign Up For Asos Premier

Even if you score some pretty sweet savings, shelling out for regular—or worse, rush—shipping can really hit your bank account hard. A better plan: ASOS Premier. For just $19 a year, you’ll get unlimited two-day shipping on any order. If that means you can buy that cute skirt two days before the weekend and still have it for Friday night, it’s worth it, no?

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