The Super-Simple Way to Make a Necklace Longer (or Shorter)

Because nothing should stop you from accessorizing properly

A good necklace doesn’t have to be expensive (though this little Gucci number wouldn’t hurt our feelings). It just has to be able to take any outfit, no matter how plain, to the next level. Though, that’s hard to do when it just doesn’t sit right. The too-short or too-long necklace is enemy to many an ensemble. Luckily, there’s an incredibly easy solution to this irritating accessory woe. Here’s the deal.

What you need: A necklace and a safety pin. 

To make a necklace longer: Open the clasp of the necklace and lace in the safety pin to one end. Then lace it through the other open end and close the safety pin. To add even more length, add two (or three) pins in a row. 

To make a necklace shorter: Simply fasten the safety pin to a rung a few notches away from the necklace's natural closure.  

Genius! We agree. As long as the pins are behind your neck (or under a collar, beneath your hair, anything), none will be the wiser.