How to Wear Flats with Dresses as a Short Lady

Let's be honest: Your legs aren't Gisele's

It’s sundress season, people! While the excitement of breezy caftans fills your thoughts, you’re likely also experiencing the dread of months spent in heels. Well, stop it right there. Because you absolutely can wear flats with dresses--even if you’re a shortie. Here are a few helpful tips.

First Things First: Go Pointy

Shoe Styling 101: Always choose a pointed toe to elongate your legs (as a rounded one can cut you off visually). That chic little T-strap is just an added lengthening bonus.

Don't Be Afraid To Flash A Little Leg

The more leg you show, the more of a leg you appear to have. This way you can finally give those trendy A-line minis a try.

Consider Midi-length Dresses

Hems that hit right at the knee are just not made for flats. But if you're not comfortable with a short skirt, opt for a ladylike tea length that skims the bottom of your calf. And pair it with a metallic shoe to keep the eye line traveling.

Make Your Shoes The Statement

Listen, we’re not fooling anyone here, and a nude loafer isn’t going to miraculously add inches to your frame. Rather than trying to neutralize your legs, play with bold prints and hues to draw attention to them.

Embrace The Structure Of Boots

Like the previous point about bold prints, a leather ankle boot commands power, and therefore, gives the illusion of stature.

Let Lace-ups Elongate Your Legs

But when you do choose nude, make sure they have ankle laces. A gladiator style that wraps up your leg visually stretches you out.

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