Greyson Scarlett Proves Athletic Wear and Luxury Can Be One and the Same, and We’ve Got an Exclusive Code

Greyson Scarlett

If you’ve ever wished your clothing matched the energy you feel setting foot onto the court, course or studio—wherever your favorite sport takes you—Greyson Scarlett is here to provide the marriage of high-end style and athletic wear you’ve been waiting for.

Greyson Scarlett is a lifestyle and sport fashion brand that merges luxury and active apparel by creating timeless products suited for the modern way of life, on and off the course. Technical performance—luxe, breathable fabrics sourced from Italy, quick-drying and high-stretch features, hidden pockets, waist support—meets refined sophistication in all of their pieces, making Greyson a truly one-of-a-kind lifestyle brand that proves tailored fashion and functionality can, in fact, coexist.

Gorgeous colors, expressive patterns, athletic-minded silhouettes and tactile luxury come alive in Greyson’s performance-focused tops, bottoms, jackets, bras and skirts. The entire experience of sporting Greyson clothing is akin to a fashion rule-breaking ride that feels good to wear (some might even say their clothes indirectly enhance results, but we’ll leave that up to you to decide).

If, like us, you’re inspired to see where these innovative fashion staples might take you, use code PUREWOWPACK15 for 15 percent off the women’s summer collection of golf and active wear.

Speaking of golf, you may spot Greyson on the LPGA tour this year with athlete Alison Lee.

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Versatile, luxe fabrics that provide a sense of elegance and attention to detail in your everyday routine are the foundation of Greyson, and exactly what make the juxtaposition between fashion and sport so inviting. It’s also the reason partnering with Lee was a perfect fit.

Becoming a champion in a male-dominated sport is no easy feat, as Lee has experienced herself for more than 20 years. While passion fueled Lee’s early beginnings in the game, what feeds her current journey on the LPGA Tour goes beyond herself.

“Confidence is such an important part of the game of golf and for any sport,” explains Lee. “If you don’t feel good, you’re not going to play great. If you don’t feel confident, you’re not going to hit the shots you want. Even if it’s as simple as waking up and putting on a really sweet look—having that swagger, having that confidence. It will really feed into the rest of your day.”

One of the most influential ways Lee has sourced that unrelenting confidence? Through Greyson Scarlett. “Greyson has introduced me to fashion-forward looks that are fun to style, but that are also incredibly comfortable no matter if I’m on the course, at the airport, or out with friends,” she says. 

“When it comes to my style on the course, I lean on modern pieces that I know will keep me performing at my best throughout the round. The Reva Mock Neck ($138) and the Scarlett Polo ($118) are total must-haves in my wardrobe—you’ll spot me sporting them in both classic and bold colors.”

And off the course, Lee’s dedication to awakening her inner strength through personal style is no different. “Whether I’m hitting the weights or in the Pilates studio, you will always see me in the Luna Sports Bra ($78) and Luna Leggings ($128) set.”

See Lee’s favorite Greyson pieces below, and don’t forget to use code PUREWOWPACK15.

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