Gap Has Entered the Chat: These Creators Can’t Stop Talking About the “Tyla Effect”

How does a brand propel themselves forward, while also harkening back to their past? Take notes people, because Gap just created the playbook in their latest campaign “Linen moves.”

A reimagined take on the TikTok-famous music video “Back on 74” by Jungle, Gap’s choreographed ad features GRAMMY® Award-winning artist, Tyla and a cast of dancers all wearing breezy items from Gap’s spring linen collection.

“It’s an absolute honor to be in a Gap campaign—so many iconic artists have worked with Gap and I now get to be one of them,” said Tyla, who has had an incredible rise to fame since the release of her chart-topping hit “Water.” “I’m excited for my fans to see me do a new type of dance where I’m styled in comfortable clothes with my own personal touches. It was really fun—a true celebration of music, fashion and dance.”

As Tyla mentioned, the video nods to the nostalgic campaigns of the 1990s and 2000s (think Madonna and Missy Elliot), but also places the brand directly in today’s cultural zeitgiest—the original Jungle video inspired a dance craze that eclipsed a billion views. And given the response to the campaign, Gap’s ad might not be too far off. We partnered with the brand and these TikTok creators to share why this video is garnering such a buzz.

“Working with talent who embody the spirit of originality is not just a choice, but a commitment to our brand’s heritage,” said Mark Breitbard, Gap’s President and CEO. “This campaign pays homage to Gap’s iconic musical ads of the past while embracing the diverse voices and talents that shape our present and future. We continue to draw inspiration from artists who authentically express themselves, using Gap style to reflect their unique personalities.”

The campaign cast wears a mix of several linen and linen-blend items dressed in neutral and tonal styles, but we’re loving how so many creators have made the collection their own. @Viennaskye leans into the ’90s with the Linen-Cotton Vest ($70), while @aissatatdiallo gives us an expert lesson in layering. We personally have our eyes on staples, like the Linen Cargo Jumpsuit ($118) and the Linen-Cotton Pull-On Cargo Pants ($80). In the featured shop, you’ll find that every dress, shirt and pant effortlessly mix-and-match—so no matter what, this Gap collection will be a spring and summer favorite. 

angela pares

VP, Design + Branded Content

Angela Pares is the VP of Design + Branded Content at Gallery Media Group, where she oversees the ideation and execution of sponsored content campaigns across PureWow, ONE37pm and...