Great news: The summer accessories for 2019 are all about bright colors, bold shapes, festive prints and lots of texture. Even better: It’s possible to snag all of these styles for less than two tickets to The Lion King movie. Hakuna Matata, indeed,

Flourish Straw Sunhat

We’re officially obsessed with straw accessories this year, especially the floppy hat. This one’s even got cute wooden beads around the band.

Buy Now ($15)

Hollow Tropical Leaf Earrings

These danglies take tropical prints to a new level and make for an understated compliment to any summer dress.

Buy Now ($15)

Longline Tassel Necklace

Red and gold just exude summer heat.

Buy Now ($10)

Beaded Tassel Earrings

This bright fuchsia was the color of choice at the Oscars this year, which means if Angela Bassett and Linda Cardellini are on board, we’re on board.

Buy Now ($13)

Circle Drop Earrings

Hello, sunshine.

Buy Now ($14)

Acetate Flower Earrings

These flowers add a touch of playful color without overwhelming an outfit.

Buy Now ($10)

2 Pack Bundle: Round Sunglasses and Square Oversized Sunglasses

For an edgier vibe, go with metal frames.

Buy Now ($14)

2 Pack Bundle: Cat-Eye Sunglasses and Heart Sunglasses

Or try this pair that’s just plain fun.

Buy Now ($14)

Neon Mix Crossbody

Channel the Gen Z crowd and get on board with the fanny pack.

Buy Now ($8)

Small Saddle Bag

Pros: Crossbody strap for comfort and a simple silhouette you’ll never get sick of. Cons: None?

Buy Now ($17)

Bamboo Hoops

Hoop, there she is.

Buy Now ($15)


Umbrella Parasol

Call us old fashioned, but parasols are an excellent source of shade.

Buy Now ($9)

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