This Is by Far the Most Flattering Dress Style for Short Torsos

As much as we wish we could rock adorable fit-and-flare dresses with trendy belted waists, they just never seem to look quite right on those of us with a short torso. There is, however, one dress silhouette we wear better than almost anyone: the drop waist.

woman wearing a drop waist dress1

Yep, sometimes the most obvious answer is also the best. A quick and easy way to elongate the look of your torso is by wearing a dress with an illusion waist that sits just where a T-shirt would end, typically at your hip bones. This trick helps break up your frame in a more proportional way and gives you a totally chic ’20s-inspired vibe.

One word of caution, however: Avoid anything where the drop waist is too low. If the seam lies somewhere around your bum (the widest point for many of us), the garment will lose its flattering slimming effect.

Get the look: Mads Norgaard ($43); American Living ($50); Norr ($66); Vince Camuto ($99); 1901($119); Eliza J ($138); Danielle Fichera ($550); Red Valentino ($695)



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