7 Styling Tips for When You Don't Feel Great About Your Neck

From your clothes to your hair

When Nora Ephron declared she felt bad about her neck, it gave women everywhere permission to own up to their own jawline insecurities. For some of us, neck issues are due to age; for others, it might be a weight fluctuation. Whatever the source of your fretting, know that you're not alone—especially when you have these seven helpful tips for styling around it.

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Embrace The Turtleneck

Obvious: yes. Effective: double yes. When in doubt, a good knit will always mask a trouble area, but to take the style one step further, choose a minimalistic color palette. That way you have a sleek line from top to bottom.

how to style your neck trendy curvy
Trendy Curvy

Or Try A High Neck

For ladies with a shorter neck, a turtleneck may be overkill. You can also experiment with a high-yolk silhouette to provide coverage with a little visual air.

how to style your neck take aim
Take Aim

Go The Total Opposite Direction With A Deep V-neck

Another approach you can take is to show even more skin. When your décolleté is on display, you're forced to stand up straighter, which also lengthens the space between your collarbone and jawline.

Pop Your Collar

How about a combination of the two approaches? Leave a few of the buttons undone and pop the collar of your favorite blouse. You'll both hide any neck woes and give a little visual breathing room.

Opt For A Shoulder-grazing Haircut

Something you can do help the cause every day: Make your hair work in your favor. A trendy lob (styled with a few textured waves) acts as frame to draw the eye away from the neck and onto your face. After that, any outfit goes.

Blend Your Makeup To Your Collarbone

You've heard beauty experts (OK, mostly your mom) preach on this subject endlessly. But foundation blending is not just to color match your two skin tones; it's also to enhance that forgotten swathe of skin. Invest in a good makeup brush and apply your foundation all the way to your breastplate (getting lighter and lighter with the strokes as you go down).

Tie On A Colorful Scarf

And if all else fails, get yourself a ladylike scarf. A lot of times, insecurities are fleeting. So if you're having a "bad neck day" (it's a real thing), loop around something pretty and floral and pretend to be Parisian.

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