Bead Bags, Tie-Dye, Bows: Here’s How to Update Your Favorite Summer Trends for Fall 2019

Making way for a new season’s fashion can be tough—we only have so much closet space. And figuring out what to part with? Not always a piece of cake. In an effort to help you narrow it down, here are three trends to kick to the curb and three new ones to move on in, just in time for fall.

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If You Like: Beaded Bags

What can we say? They were a whimsical spring and summer departure from the norm. But now that fall is approaching, we’re swapping them out for a less transparent choice.

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Then You’ll Love: Polished Structure

That’s not to say we’re retiring the rigidity of a squared-off handbag, though—we’re just focusing on warm leathers and industrial metals that add a certain sophistication. Don’t shy away from bright or bold colors and details; just keep the material and shape true to form.

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If You Like: ’60s Tie-dye

Dizzying rainbow swirls and sherbet spirals…tie-dye was a fun nod to camp days, wasn’t it? Until you realized you shelled out $80 for the same T-shirt you already have in your old dresser at your parents’ house, which even back in the day made you feel like an ironic hippie.

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Then You’ll Love: ’70s Redux

Now, it’s the ’70s turn. Think peasant or prairie dresses, buoyant bows and especially all things plaid. It’s classic chic, just like what your mom used to wear (or perhaps what you used to wear, to which we say, time to start digging in the back of your closet).

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If You Like: Feminine Bow Flats

While we’ll always look back fondly on the ease of this shoe, we have to admit we won’t miss feeling every rock and dip on the sidewalk. Flats, you were delicate and cute, but we’re ready for something more exciting (not to mention supportive).

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Then You’ll Love: Statement Boots

While ballet flats were a docile shoe choice that supported the outfit up top, statement boots are footwear fanfare. Go for bold prints, strong colors and unique styles that steal the spotlight. From cowboy to combat, from Victorian laces to red snakeskin, it’s all about edgy showstoppers this fall.