A Week’s Worth of Cold-Weather Outfits to Wear on Repeat

It’s totally acceptable to have a rotation of go-to winter looks…just maybe not when it’s seven variations of the same frumpy sweater. Here, an entire week’s worth of cold-weather outfits that you can mix and match from now until March.

dress and blazer
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1. Monday: Long Dress + Belted Blazer

Morning meeting? You’re covered—from head to toe, actually. This outfit puts to bed any notion that dresses aren’t winter attire, and the waist-cinching belted blazer confirms that you indeed came ready to crush the day.

statement sweater
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2. Tuesday: Statement Sweater + High-waist Trousers

It’s easy, it’s professional, it’s bringing ’90s Meg Ryan vibes and we’re here for all of it. Keep the look modern with a statement-sleeve sweater and break out those crisp white booties.

fleece and leather
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3. Wednesday: Fleece Zip-up + Leather Pants

Leather is very in, but it doesn’t have to give off rock-band vibes. Pair your cropped leather pants (skip the patent finish) with a casual fleece or sherpa jacket that hits at the hips. Punctuate the look with animal-print shoes (swap in booties for heels if the temps are just too low). Proof that you can pile on the trends and still look easygoing.

blue silk skirt
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4. Thursday: Oversized Sweater + Satin Skirt

Don’t retire your satin skirt just yet—instead, meet it halfway with a roomy sweater and tall slouchy boots, the star footwear of the season. This skirted outfit leaves no room for a draft, and you can always warm it up with a cozy pair of tights underneath.

winter whites
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5. Friday: Cropped Teddy Coat + Wide-leg Denim

Casual Friday, but make it chic. This variation of winter whites hits the mark because each texture is decidedly winterized. What’s more seasonal than fuzzy fabrics and sturdy denim?

leopard overcoat
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6. Saturday: Leopard Overcoat + Boot-cut Denim

You didn’t think we’d leave out leopard, did you? Play up an otherwise simple look with a bold leopard coat. This is your chance to wear that really basic ensemble (hey, we never said basic was bad) without falling back into your rut.

camel cardigan
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7. Sunday: Cardigan + Straight-leg Denim

Whether you’re headed to brunch (every season is mimosa season) or running errands around town, this is a cozy choice that’s still elevated thanks to a fresh way to wear the sweater. Instead of layering the cardigan over a shirt, treat it like a blouse and button it all the way up. French-tuck it into the front of comfortable denim and then slip into your favorite pair of walking boots.

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