6 Stores Where You Can Donate Old Clothes for a Sweet Reward

OK, so you finally cracked down, got super honest and seriously cleaned out your wardrobe. You’ve got a solid pile to take to Goodwill (duh), but did you know that some of your favorite stores also accept donations and give you free stuff in return? Let’s take a look at your ever-expanding list of places to donate old clothes.

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A sister brand of H&M, Stories also accepts clothing and shoe donations in store, as well as empty beauty containers from its in-house beauty brand. Simply bring back that tube of hand lotion you loved 'til the last drop (along with any old duds) and you’ll get 10 percent off everything in the store, so you can keep rocking the too-cool-for-school Swedish designs.

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Levi Strauss

Levi Strauss

OK, so you’ve never found a pair of jeans that make your bum look better than your favorite Levi's, but unfortunately nothing lasts forever. To send them to recycling heaven, just download a prepaid shipping label, pack them (and any other donation) up and drop the box off at your local post office or UPS store. You’ll get 20 percent off any new Levi’s item and Goodwill will receive $5 per donation box from Levi’s, so it's a win for everyone.


Did you know that jeans can be recycled into insulation for houses? Well, Madewell does. The denim-centric brand will take your worn-out jeans and send them off to its recycling partner, Blue Jeans Go Green. You’ll then receive $20 off your next pair of jeans in return.

The North Face

Want $10 off that super-warm North Face jacket you’ve been eyeing all winter? Easy, just grab a pile of old shoes and clothes and drop them at any in-store donation box. You’ll receive a handy coupon you can use in the store or later online. Your former things are then broken down into raw materials and used for products like insulation, carpet padding, stuffing for toys and fibers for new clothing. Good for your wallet and good for the environment.


Based on its history of sustainability and dedication to preserving the environment, it should come as no surprise that Patagonia has a stellar recycling program as well. The company will happily repair any product it produces, and if something is deemed beyond repair or you’d rather upgrade to a newer version, all you need to do is visit a store or mail in your old favorites and Patagonia will ship them off to be recycled. Plus, you'll earn credit to use at Yerdle, a Facebook marketplace where users can spend those credits on gently used and repaired goods.

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