6 Classic Engagement Rings That Will Always Be in Style

Sometimes traditional works best for a reason

Maybe you’ve got your eye on a certain piece of hand candy. Or maybe you’ve already locked in the ring but want to make sure it’ll stand the stylish test of time. Well, we’ve got six classic engagement ring styles to please just about anyone. (Or you can head straight to Pinterest, our personal favorite place to ogle jewels, for more engagement and wedding ring ideas and inspiration.)


Single stones are super popular for a reason. Their simple design heavily features the diamond and it allows ample light reflection, making for plenty of sparkling moments. Personalize your choice by playing with your stone cut and metal choice.      

Three Stone

But why settle for one stone when you could gaze at three? This triple threat is a great choice if you want to distribute the design across the band and use more real estate to showcase the gems.  



What this means: Smaller diamonds encircle the main stone, making it look even bigger. Diamonds on diamonds on diamonds. 

Princess Cut

Structured, sleek and wearable, this design has timeless appeal but with a modern edge. Paired with a simple wedding band you’ll have clean lines and plenty of shine. 


Another vocabulary lesson: Pavé is a type of setting where multiple tiny diamonds are held together by invisible tiny beads so you get the appearance of continuous shine. Include it on a solitaire’s halo or line your entire wedding band. Now you're talking.

Emerald Cut

This classic cut is all about glamour and gorgeous symmetry. The deco design is its claim to fame, and the rectangular shape has an elongating effect on the finger. Hard to top that kind of throwback charm. 

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