Cariuma Just Launched a High-Top Version of Their Best-Selling Vegan Sneakers (and I’m Never Taking Them Off)

If you aren’t yet familiar with Cariuma, let us fill you in: It’s a sustainable sneaker company that has racked up a massive following since their debut of the IBI knit sneaker just one year ago. Since the style was released, it’s been waitlisted 16,000 times (yes, really), has over 2,000 5-star reviews and is a PureWow reader favorite. OK, so what is it that makes these shoes so special?

As a sneaker devotee and personal fan of the IBI, let me tell you they’re one of the most comfortable pairs of shoes I have in my closet. Plus, they’re 100 percent vegan and made entirely from bamboo and recycled plastics (more on that later). But that’s not even the best part. Cariuma just launched a high-top version and my little tootsies were lucky enough to try them out. Spoiler alert: I never want to take them off.

cariuma ibi high sneaker

Give us the style specifics.

The IBI High has a boot-like shape, which has that cool-classic sneaker silhouette, but it’s also designed to help keep water out and touts the comfort of sliding on a sock. And, honestly, it really does feel like a sock. In fact, the Cariuma design team took 15 months to perfect the fit so that the fabric knit is weighted juuust enough to hug your foot and ankle for stability and luxe comfort. Think of the IBI High as the sneaker equivalent to the sock boot: stylish, comfortable and won’t pinch your feet.

And you said they’re sustainable?

Yup, that’s right! The perfect-fit bamboo knit is made with plant-based and recycled plastic knit that not only flexes but also retains its shape. And get this: The IBI High only takes two pieces of perfect-fit knit to make the upper part of the sneaker, so less material is wasted and there’s less energy spent in the manufacturing process. The vegan and memory foam insoles are made with cork and organic mamona oil, and the outsoles are made entirely from sugarcane EVA. Last, but certainly not least, the shoelaces and logo labels are made from recycled plastics. I’ll admit, when I first heard these sneakers were vegan and eco-friendly, I was a little hesitant as to how durable they’d actually be. And you know what, dear reader? I couldn’t have been more wrong.

How should I wear them?

Honestly, any way you’d like to. That’s the beauty of sneakers like these. I personally love the way high-tops look with a pair of cropped jeans and an oversized hoodie or sweater, but I’m super casual when it comes to fashion. The IBI High also looks great when worn with a flowy dress, kick boot pants or denim skirts. Want to take a cue from celebs? Try them out with a fun workout set like model Nina Agdal or go casual-cool with biker shorts and tube socks à la influencer Aimee Song.

What else do I need to know?

This high-top style has a new water-repellant coating that’s PFC-free, aka it doesn’t leave a negative footprint on the environment once broken down. So, if (ahem, when) you get caught in a midday drizzle, your new kicks will help repel pesky water stains and keep your feet dry. A win-win.

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