Not Sure What to Wear on Your Virtual Valentine's Day Date? Stylist Brad Goreski Has Some Ideas

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Valentine's Day is right around the corner, which means that several couples will be swapping pricey menus and in-person meetings for virtual dates. But of course, this doesn't necessarily make the process of choosing a V-Day outfit that much easier. *Sigh.*

If you're still debating between a dozen choices, then perhaps Brad Goreski, one of our fashion experts and celebrity stylists, can help. While chatting with PureWow about the latest style trends and his partnership with Capital One Shopping, Goreski offered a few useful tips that will have you looking your best for date night.

When it comes to Zoom dates, Goreski suggests Goreski suggests deviating from your go-to basics for tops that include a fun detail. He told us, "One of the big trends that we're seeing is the bold shoulder. The bold shoulder is really good because it translates really well on Zoom." He notes that a puff sleeve works well in this situation, if a bold shoulder isn't quite your speed. 

Goreski added that Valentine's Day colors and prints are also good options to consider. He continued, "I think we want to go towards things that make an impact. Red's another big trend color, so is pink, so are pretty florals." 

He also suggests thinking about when you'll wear this piece again, which we love. "So when you're thinking about putting together your date night look, it's also about thinking of how that's going to transition into your spring/summer wardrobe. Lean into the trends of right now, but always be authentic to who you are and what your own personal style is."

The bottom line? Consider a piece that gives you the best of both worlds—something that's trendy and fun, but also authentic to you. Goreski adds, "I'm a big fan of people doing what makes them happy, especially during this time. You know, whatever floats your boat and whatever makes you happy in terms of your style." 

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