The Only 8 Pieces of Clothing You Need While Pregnant

Keep it simple, mama

Ah, the maternity industry: always there to sell you a giant body pillow or ridiculous “baby on board” T-shirt. And while it’s easy to go down the road of stunning yet expensive pregnancy clothing (we love you, Hatch), the fact remains that you’re with child for only nine months and shouldn’t blow your cash on stuff you’ll wear fleetingly. Here, the only eight items you need to buy new (to then pair with your current clothing).

A Belly Band

This little number will hold up your non-maternity pants in the early stages, when you’re just feeling bloated and gross and not like a full-on whale. 

Ingrid & Isabel ($28)

A Giant Sack Dress

Wear it alone. Wear it with tights. Wear it with a statement jacket. One thing’s for certain: This workhorse will prove adorable and comfy through all three trimesters.

Mamalicious ($57)

A Fitted Dress With Belly Ruching

Listen, we’re not usually “body-con” lovers either. But there’s something about a pregnant belly that looks so hot in a clingy little number. For optimal comfort, go for a specifically designed maternity dress with clever side ruching to flatter in all the right places.

Liz Lange for Target ($28)

A No-nonsense Maternity Tee Or Tank

On second thought, buy five of these. White, black, gray, striped, whatever. As long as you have a base layer for your belly, you can add on pre-pregnant clothes—like your favorite chambray button-down or crisp blazer—opened up.

Gap ($35)

Quality Maternity Jeans

This one’s an unavoidable investment (because as short as pregnancy might seem, you still have 200-plus days to dress for). Look for denim in a dark wash with a thick stretchiness (too thin and they’ll bunch around the butt). Then pair them with oversized blouses or that body-hugging tee we told you about. Yes, the price tags on these are steep initially but remember a little friend called eBay...either before or after purchasing.

Citizens of Humanity ($198)

A Bra That Grows With You

Hi, your boobs are insane now, and you can’t expect to stuff the girls into the same 34C you’ve worn your entire adult life. Invest in a couple of underwire-free maternity bras designed to stretch but support—then parlay them into nursing bras once the baby comes.

Bravado ($49)

Shoes That Are Half A Size Larger Than You Ordinarily Need

Swollen feet are no joke. Wait to see if yours go up a size (if they don’t, we’re officially jealous), then run to your nearest DSW and buy yourself a pair that are cute enough to wear every day and wide enough to accommodate your fluctuating tootsies.

Nine West ($80)

A Coat That Actually Closes Or A Maternity Swimsuit

These are obviously seasonal, but if you’re going to be preggo in the depths of winter, make sure you’ve got a jacket that zips past your thighs. Heading to Maui in July? Invest in a maternity suit. Or just wear your tiniest bikini with confidence. You’ll look great, we promise! 

H&M ($40)