4 Awesome (and Free) Streaming Miami Workouts You Need to Check Out

Social distancing doesn’t have to get in the way of your daily workout. Sure, you may not be running out the door to your next Pilates class, but that doesn’t mean you can’t practice the same sweat-inducing moves at home. Shout-out to these four Miami trainers who have taken to Instagram to offer new (and free) workouts you can do every day from the comfort of your home—no equipment or membership necessary.

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1. Hiit Workouts: Rachel Robinson Of Barry’s Bootcamp

Since closing all of their studios around the world in an effort to fight COVID-19, Barry’s Bootcamp has offered up to three live Instagram workouts daily. (Amazing, right?) If you’re on the hunt for a serious HIIT routine with some Miami flair, though, turn your focus to Barry’s trainer Rachel Robinson (@rachel_fitness). She has transformed her Instagram account into a pseudo Red Room, offering weekday workouts at 9:30 a.m. focused on different muscle groups every day. (Whatever you do, don’t miss Wednesday’s chest routines. You’re guaranteed to be sore for days.)

2. Core And Pilates Work: Marisa Herron Of Solidcore

This Miami-based Solidcore trainer is hosting Instagram Live workouts a few times a week on her account, @Marisa_Heron. If you’ve ever taken one of her classes IRL, you know Heron doesn’t play around. Until Solidcore’s studios reopen, tune in to her account for targeted workouts focused on strength-building and Pilates-style movements. Pro tip: These workouts usually aren’t saved to her account, so keep an eye out for her virtual schedule and make sure you’re on time.

3. Strength And Power Moves: Aldo Paredes Of Iron University

Fitness trainer Aldo Paredes’s North Miami gym, Iron University, has transitioned to the web with daily online workouts that are broken up by rounds and posted as videos to his Instagram account. Made up of strength and power moves (think squats, lunges and presses), you definitely don’t need a home gym to complete these workouts. Keep in mind: Training sessions at his gym will set you back a few hundred dollars (depending on package type), so we wouldn’t let this free (!) opportunity pass you by.

4. Hiit Pilates: Jetset Miami

Yes, HIIT Pilates is a thing. Just ask the trainers at JetSet Miami, who are offering their pricey workouts for free on Instagram throughout the COVID-19 shutdown. Um, this is basically a body-transforming miracle. All you need to do is check the brand’s Instagram account every few days for a new workout. (Psst: We’re loving this core-focused routine.) For even more options, check out this JetSet trainer’s personal account for additional workouts.

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