5 Editors Tried Andie’s Best-Selling Swimsuits—Here Are Our Favorites

Summer will be here before we know it. And that means we’re already daydreaming about weekends spent basking in the sun—with plenty of SPF, of course—and planning trips to tropical beach locales. That also means we’re going to need a new swimsuit. (Our stretched out, sun-bleached number from last year just isn’t gonna cut it.) This time, though, we want a suit that’s actually comfortable, you know, something we can move around in without pulling, tugging or fretting over.

Enter Andie, a company that’s all about providing women with better swimwear options, including flattering fits, classic, yet fashionable styles and inclusive sizing for every body (sizes range from XS - 3XL). So our discerning editors decided to take a few of their best-selling suits for a swim. Read on for a deep dive on our five favorites.

andie swim amalfi

1. The Amalfi - Flat Black

  • Why We Love It: Smoothing fabric, good bust support, sleek silhouette

“Confession: I’m a serial bathing suit hoarder. I have suits I seriously haven’t worn since high school. So needless to say, I’m in dire need of a new swimsuit that’s flattering, fits and that’ll last a long time. I was immediately drawn to the Amalfi, thanks to its classic style and slightly sexy shape. It reminds me of something a ‘90s-era supermodel would wear.

And I did kind of feel like a beach goddess when I slipped it on for the first time: The scoop neck and adjustable straps made my décolletage look good and my chest feel supported, the just-high-enough cut on the hips made me feel like I had legs for days (and if you know me, you know that’s far from the truth) and I loved how you could choose your ideal bottom cut: The medium style was the perfect combo of a little cheek and plenty of coverage that didn’t ride up when I moved. Oh, and the breathable, black fabric was the cherry on top of this ultra-flattering swimsuit sundae. I have a feeling I’ll be wearing the Amalfi all summer long, and for many more to come.” —Kelsey Paine, Senior Editor Branded Content

andie swim tulum black

Tulum - Flat Black

  • Why We Love It: Trendy straps, snug fit, stays in place

“This suit is really nice quality! You can tell by the look and feel of the material that it’ll last way more than one beach season (praise be). The style is classic, yet modern and I love the criss-cross straps on the back. The fact that they’re not adjustable makes it looks super sleek. The fabric fit snugly around the hips and the leg holes aren’t super stretchy, which could be a pro or con depending on your personal preference. The coverage was a bit more cheeky compared to what I normally wear, but I was really happy with the chest support. It felt almost like a sports bra without looking like it. I’d definitely be able to wear it all day at the beach without having to worry about readjusting everything, which seems to happen with most one-pieces.” —Rachel Gulmi, Managing Editor Branded Content

andie swim tulum red

3. The Tulum - Flat Cherry

  • Why We Love It: Vibrant color, comfortable fit, versatile style

“The very first thing that struck me about this swimsuit was the color—it’s such a gorgeous cherry red. The second thing was how well it fit and stayed in place on my bottom. I almost always struggle with swimwear riding up (I’m classically pear-shaped) but I skipped around my house in the suit to really test it out, and boy did it pass. The straps across the back didn’t dig in at all, and the fabric felt really sturdy. It was comfortable. This is a suit I would easily wear in front of family, but also to a swim sitch where I wasn’t exactly concerned about being family friendly. Not sure what kind of occasion that would be as the mom of a 10-month-old, but a girl can dream and this suit is cute. It feels like it’s made for all shapes of women. Five stars.” —Cristina Gutierrez, Senior Editor Branded Content

andie swim mykonos suit

4. The Mykonos - Flat Black

  • Why We Love It: Plunging neckline, cinched waist, thick fabric

“Though I typically opt for bikinis (and love the high-waisted bottom trend due to my hourglass shape), I was excited to try Andie’s Mykonos one-piece suit. With a deep-V and thick shoulder straps, the style felt Grace Kelly-approved: elegant, timeless and classic (with a hint of sexiness thanks to the plunging neckline). As soon as I put it on, I felt ready to board a boat with girlfriends (an event added to my calendar for an upcoming bachelorette itinerary). It was comfy but also surprisingly waist-accentuating like my favorite high-waisted bikinis. I also loved that the fabric was thick enough to hold you in, but not constricting.

This style would work well for full-busted ladies since the wide straps in the thicker fabric provide enough coverage and support but still show plenty of skin. The only thing I’d change is to opt for the cheeky coverage bottom vs. the full coverage bottom. I like the higher thigh cut that’s in style these days, since I feel like full coverage made my already-short legs look a little shorter.” —Roberta Fiorito, Senior Editor Branded Content

andie swim laguna white

5. The Laguna – Ribbed White

  • Why We Love It: Supportive fabric, adjustable straps, scooped low back

“Real talk: I’m currently 7 months postpartum and was kind of dreading trying on a swimsuit. Oversized sweaters and stretchy leggings have been my go-tos these days, but as the weather warms up I knew I had to face the music eventually. I’m so glad Andie was my foray back in because this suit is a dream.

First: the fabric. The ribbed nylon is incredibly soft and also very flattering—surprisingly even in white (it’s not see-through at all, promise). Second: the cut. The bottom is cheeky, but not too cheeky. The low back is sexy, but not too sexy. The legs are high, but not too high. Basically, it’s the Goldie Locks of swimwear. And finally: the straps. They don’t dig or slip and they’re adjustable (great for my uneven shoulders). In sizes XS to XXXL I would recommend this suit to just about anyone, but especially new moms who are looking for something that’s on-trend but won’t leave them *exposed* while building sandcastles with their kids (if you catch my drift).” —Angela Pares, Editorial Director Branded Content

Ready to try an Andie suit yourself? Just enter the promo code SUNANDSWIM at checkout and get $10 off if you’re a new customer.

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