Like Teddy Bears, You Can Now Build a Bag at the Mall

anya hindmarch build a bag
Anya Hindmarch

Yes, you could spend your hard-earned cash on this season’s “it” bag in the same color as all the other fashionistas you know, or you could break from the pack and have a little hand in the design. That’s exactly what British designer Anya Hindmarch wanted for her spring collection, and she’s making it easier than ever before with her new Build a Bag collection.

Available on Nordstrom’s and Hindmarch’s websites and in select Nordstrom stores, the Build a Bag collection lets you play designer by selecting a base, handle, strap and accessories for a look that’s 100 percent you and totally one-of-a-kind. The bags and their accoutrements aren’t exactly cheap (a mini base starts at $745, small at $1,095 and large at $1,250), but this is a custom creation, after all, and a fun one at that.

Hindmarch is known for her cheeky designs, like her iconic embossed smiley faces and monster-esque Eyes Collection, and incredibly fun presentations, like when she placed giant Chubby Hearts balloons all over London. And now you can switch between a classic metallic handle and a lime fur one, or a chic rainbow tassel charm and a cracked egg. (Much cooler than a boring old monogram, no?)

Check out the below video for some design inspiration, then head to Nordstrom or Anya Hindmarch to build a custom creation all your own.

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