7 Secrets to Shopping at Anthropologie

As if you need another excuse to walk in there

There’s a lot more to Anthropologie than meets the eye (yes, even for you super shoppers out there). Like did you know you can actually take home its window displays? Here are some ways to get more for your money and free services from this always-fun lifestyle store. But shhhhh, this is all on the down low. (OK, but tell all your girlfriends.)


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There’s a Bigger and Better Anthropologie
Did you know there are special Anthro shops called Anthropologie & Co.? They’re wayyy bigger than your average Anthro and designed to feel like residential homes but decked out with furniture, clothes and a whole shoe department. There are only a few in the country, but one is nearby in Newport Beach. A bigger shop means bigger sale nook, which brings us to…

Sales Areas Have Special Merch
We all know the cluttered little alcove crammed with clothes, bedding and shoes has great deals, but not many people know that it’s got lots of online-only goods. That’s because you can return any online purchase to a store for a refund, and stores discount those items.

Get 15 Percent Off by Sharing Your Email
Sign up for the loyalty program, named Anthro, at least 30 days before your birthday and get 15 percent off any purchase online or in store. You’ll also get invites to fashion shows, DIY tutorials and miscellaneous parties, the better to have more excuses to visit.

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Buy the Displays
You know how Anthro reels you in with its adorable and creative backdrops and window decoration? Well, the company actually sells or auctions all those things off and gives the proceeds to charity. Ask the store manager for details about any piece you’re interested in.

Get a Job There
Need a part-time job or extra cash during the holidays? Why not work where your money winds up anyways? The perks include 40 percent off full-priced apparel, shoes and accessories and also 25 percent off home. And quarterly, you’re eligible for 40 percent off sale items and 40 percent off home. Not too shabby.

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Gift Wrapping is Free
That’s right, every little purchase will be specially wrapped in tissue paper and tied with ribbon tied in a bow. That will save you about 4,000 hours this holiday season. Cue Julie Andrews singing the "My Favorite Things".

Follow Your Local Store on Social Media
And if you really want the 411 on when your local store is hiring, what displays it's trying to get rid of or what special promotions it has going on, just follow it along on Instagram and—boom—you’re in the know.

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