Why These Two Price-Conscious Moms Do Their Back-to-School Shopping at H&M

For moms like Lissette Pedreiras of @Liiraven and Amanda Upadhyaya of @southcoaststyleoc, fashion is at the forefront of their lives (and their livelihoods). And that hasn’t changed since they welcomed their kids into the world. To keep up with the trends for themselves as well as their children, these savvy moms head to H&M. The kids benefit from their moms’ good taste (oh, hey, adorable purses and burger tees), while the women take solace in the cost per wear of each item—especially with grow spurts on the way. We chatted with the two price-conscious moms about why they love H&M for back-to-school shopping. Here’s what they had to say.

h m lissette and kids1
Lissette Pedreiras

Versatile Price, Versatile Style

Meet Lissette: Mom to Annabelle and Ayden, she’s a firm believer that you never have to sacrifice style when it comes to finding well-priced back-to-school clothes for your kids. Or time, for that matter, because as she puts it, “When it comes to shopping for my kids’ back-to-school outfits, I look for affordability and quality. H&M is the perfect place for our back-to-school shopping because I can also shop for myself.”

h m lissette kids1
Lissette Pedreiras

Worthwhile Cost Per Wear

One of the struggles of shopping for kids is finding pieces that last. Lissette strives to strike a balance between price and durability—yet another reason H&M is a favorite: “Let’s face it, between lunch messes and playing on the playground, kids can do a number on their clothes. So for me, I always look for clothes that will last through the year and at the same time not break the bank.” 

h m amanda and son 1
Amanda Upadhyaya

Clothes That Grow With You

Amanda means business when it comes to shopping for her son, Raj, and H&M has been her top choice from the beginning. Just take it from her: “We’ve been buying most of Raj’s wardrobe at H&M Kids since he was born, so naturally, it’s been our number one resource for all of his back-to-school gear for fall,” she says. “We love how great the quality is. It’s perfect for tons of play and exploration during the school day, but still so cool and stylish—at the most affordable prices!”

h m amanda and son 21
Amanda Upadhyaya

Affordable Originality (and Comfort)

The ability to dress Raj in kid-friendly outfits that stand out without costing a fortune is a point of pride for Amanda, who says, “It makes me proud that when I drop Raj off at school,everything he’s wearing is functional but still so original. Comfort is key for this kiddo, and never once has he had an issue with something I’ve picked up for him at H&M.” For example? These $10 super soft denim joggers carry the look of trendy dark denim but in a shape and material that withstand a day of recess and reading circles.

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