13 of the Most Iconic Movie Outfits of All Time

How many of these have inspired a Halloween costume or two?

Pop quiz: Where were you when you first saw Julia Roberts in that red opera gown? And how badly did it make you want to run around Rodeo Drive screaming "Big mistake! Huge!" It's never not a good time to revisit some of your favorite on-screen ensembles.


Audrey Hepburn, "breakfast At Tiffany's"

This Givenchy number is considered the most famous LBD of all time. In fact: Christie’s auctioned and sold the dress in 2006 for $923,000 (one of the highest prices ever paid for movie memorabilia).


Julia Roberts, "pretty Woman"

True story: The studio pressured costume designer Marilyn Vance to put Roberts in black for this date-night scene, and she stood her ground for red. Can you imagine?


Madonna, "desperately Seeking Susan"

It's rumored that Madonna's mix of oversized menswear and lace for days came straight from her own closet.


Alicia Silverstone, "clueless"

Though it's hard to choose just one of Cher Horowitz's sartorial statements, a yellow plaid power suit is hard to beat.


Jennifer Beals, "flashdance"

Before there was athleisure, there was Alex Owens rocking an oversized off-the-shoulder sweatshirt that became the stuff of 1980s dreams.


Olivia Newton-john, "grease"

Whether you agree with the transformation or not (feminist debate in 3...2...1...), you can't deny a good moto jacket moment.


Jennifer Grey, "dirty Dancing"

Nobody puts Baby in full-length pants.


Marilyn Monroe, "the Seven Year Itch"

Because you still make this joke every time a wind gust nearly ruins your afternoon.


Grace Kelly, "rear Window"

Future princesses. Le sigh.


Vivien Leigh, "gone With The Wind"

Decisions, decisions. BBQ dress or made-from-the-curtains dress? (We firmly stand behind a breezy summer look, always.)


Keira Knightley, "atonement"

There’s a reason costume designer Jacqueline Durran was nominated for an Oscar. The entire plot twist revolved around the color of this one dress.


Uma Thurman, "pulp Fiction"

A crisp white shirt, pencil pants and a severe bob. This getup still sets the standard for minimalist fashion.


Gwyneth Paltrow, "the Royal Tenenbaums"

Who here still wishes they could pull off a barrette?

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