We Asked Kids What They’re Going to Do When Things Go Back to “Normal” and Their Responses Will Give You All the Feels

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Canceled playdates. Constant mask-wearing. Months without hugging grandma and grandpa. Um, no more in-person school?!? Yeah, this year has been a doozy for kids, to say the least. But now with COVID-19 vaccines starting to roll out worldwide, the end (though still far off) is finally in sight. So, we asked kids what they’re going to do when all this is over, and their responses are exactly what you’d expect—hilarious, heartwarming and just the two-minute read you need right now.

We Polled Kids and Asked Them the Best (and Worst) Things About Distance Learning

1. “I want to go to Paddington, D.C. and then fly to Florida so I can chew gum on the flight.” — Henry, age 5 in Pelham, NY [Mom’s note: He means Washington, D.C.]

2. “Pretty much the first thing I want to do when I get out of quarantine is go to this big place with all different things you can touch and I think it’s called a museum, yeah, a museum.” — Porter, age 6 in Los Angeles, CA

3. “I want to go to Puerto Rico with my babies to see abuela and abuelo.” Amelia, age 3 in Jersey City, NJ

4. “I’m going to go Disney and go visit my Glammies!” Zelda, age 6 in Aspen, CO

5. “I want to go back to school.” — Alessandra, age 3 in Encinitas, CA

6. “The pandemic holds us back from so many things mama...there are so many. I want to go to school, like real school, where I can see my teacher’s face and be with people. And I want to have a sleepover!” —Alex, age 7 in Potomac, MD

7. “I’m excited to go on a roller coaster and to get my face painted. I want to go to a fair too!” — Kora, age 6 in Freeport, ME

8. “I’m going to cry happy tears! I’ll go knock on all my friends’ doors to give them hugs.” — Caleb, age 8 in Dallas, TX

9. “I don’t want to wear masksssssss anymore…” — Thijs, age 4 in Potomac, MD

10. “Run outta here.” — Emerie, age 2 in Clearwater, FL

11. “See all of our friends!” — Louise, age 4 in New York City, NY

12. “I can’t wait to go to a packed concert to hear live music again.” — Dash, age 14 in Los Angeles, CA

13. “See great-grandma inside.” — George, age 6 in New York City, NY

14. “Invite friends for a sleepover and play video games with them in person.” — Oscar, age 12 in Boston, MA

15. “I wanna go on the playground without a mask and to the trampoline park.” — Stella, age 4 in Freeport, ME

16. “I'm going to go to my grandparents’ houses without masks on and I’m going to see all my friends.” — Carter, age 15 in St. Clair, MI

17. “I want to go back to school and see my friends. I want to be able to play basketball again without a mask on.” — Cameron, age 10 in St. Clair, MI

18. “Wait, is the coronavirus over?” — Harper, age 5 in Milwaukee, WI

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