From Loud Chewing to Wet Towels on the Floor, 12 Women on What Annoys Them Most About Their Spouses

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Sure, we promised to love them ‘til death do we part, but no one said anything about the, er, quirky behaviors we’d have to put up with day in and day out. Here, 12 married women sound off on what annoys them most about their spouses.*

1. The One with a Laundry Problem
“We have 5 hampers, but the best place for the laundry is directly next to the bed.” — Sarah, NY

2. The One Whose Spouse ‘Tries’ to Pitch In
“He attempts to make the bed, which is lovely, but doesn’t bother putting the pillows back on it. It drives me nuts.” — Linda, NY

3. The One Who Craves Organization…and a Zero Inbox
“My husband has never deleted a single email. He just lets his Gmail inbox fill up and then starts a new one. We share an email for his/our company and I cannot begin to express how frustrating this is. Let’s just say I now manage the inbox.” — Jennifer, London

4. The One Who Wishes She, Too, Had the Privilege to Log Off
“His ability to turn off and not think about an endless household and baby to-do list? I wish I could do that.” — Christine, FL

5. The One Corralling All the Damp Towels
“My wife has never hung up her wet towel. And if I bring it up, she will always deny it.” — Jessi, NY

6. The One Picking Up Strands of Dental Floss
“He’s always flossing. And then he leaves the floss everywhere. It’s vile. He also flosses everywhere in the house—plaque is flying everywhere—it’s madness. He even does it on work calls.” — Genevieve, IL

7. The One Who Feels Like a Broken Record
“He acts as if repeat information is *brand new* information.” — Stephanie, MA

8. The One Driven Mad By the Microwave
“My spouse opens the microwave door before the timer goes off to avoid the beep, but then doesn’t press cancel so the microwave still thinks there is food in there and just flashes start, start, start for hours.” — Alana, NY

9. The One Finding Sock…After Sock
“Socks! They’re everywhere. On the fireplace, on the floor, in the couch. I could write a Dr. Seuss book with all the locations I find his socks. I guess I should be grateful they’re at least mostly balled up together?” — Kate, TX

10. The One Frustrated by Dish Duty
“He focuses heavily on the floors, but is comfortable with dirty dishes piling up.” — Sandra, London

11. The One Distracted by the Chewing
“His chewing sounds, especially while eating oatmeal. It’s gross.” — Beth, RI

12. The One Setting a Bathroom Timer
“Why does it take men so long to go to the damn bathroom? Do they need more fiber? Is something fundamentally different about their anatomy that it takes them half an hour to poop? He’s worse than the kids taking an eternity to leave the house. It’s always, ‘Oh, one min babe—just gotta go before we leave.’” — Christine, CA

*Names have been changed so everyone featured can vent freely.

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