This New Company Offers On-Demand Vet Care Visits Straight to Your Home

on demand vet care

There’s nothing like bringing home a fluffy little pup to make everybody in your house happy…until Maggie the Rottweiler swallows a raw chicken breast whole. (It happens.) Oh, and what about that kerfuffle at the dog park that left her right ear bleeding? Or how itchy she’s been since she had a play date with Little Miss Puggy? Sure, you can Google and WebMD your face off, but ultimately, you’ll probably have to head into the vet…ugh—and that means hauling the pup in the car to her least favorite place in the world.

The whole situation is…not ideal.

But that’s why we’re so excited about one of 2019’s newest pet trends: On-demand vet care. Think: Uber, but healthcare…for your dog.

Companies like Vetted are offering wellness checkups right to your doorstep/dog park/wherever Maggie’s getting into trouble, which means your pet can stay comfortable in her own home (on the couch she shouldn’t be on) the entire time. Not to mention, on-demand vet care means completely avoiding sitting in a waiting room next other sick pups.  

With a veterinarian making a house call to you, on-demand pet care means longer, more relaxed and more informed appointments. Plus, it can’t hurt that the veterinarian can see Maggie’s environment.

While Vetted is currently only serving New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco, we have a feeling this service will be available in other cities soon. Depending on location, a typical house call costs roughly $99. Worth. It.

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