7 Time-Saving Tips That’ll Help You Spend More Quality Time Together as a Family

Daylight Savings Time brings another hour of sunlight and the long-awaited unofficial start of spring. But it’s also the beginning of our family’s schedules getting a whole lot busier (yes, somehow it’s possible). So we’ve partnered with Kraft Heinz to show you how to start spending more time with friends and family. We’re calling it “Daylight Spendings Time.” You in?

You probably already know that spending time together as a family has a lasting positive impact on your child’s emotional and social development. But between work, chores and after-school activities, it can be tricky to get everyone together all at once. That’s why we love these simple and effective time-saving tips that’ll help you spend more quality time together. Let the bonding begin.

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1. Take Dinner Off Your Plate

Who wants to be stuck in the kitchen when you could be outside enjoying those longer days and balmy nights? Make dinner prep a breeze by stocking up on your favorite foods from Kraft Heinz®. Classic, great-tasting OSCAR MAYER® hot dogs and KRAFT® Mac & Cheese are all you need for a creamy, convenient one-pan skillet meal. (You can even sneak some spinach in.) And don’t forget the Heinz® Ketchup for dipping these cheesy crescent dogs. Because an easy, crowd-pleasing dinner is your first step towards more time together.

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2. Share A Calendar

The average day is a whirlwind. Before you know it, it’s over and you feel like the only conversation you had with your kids involved a long list of logistics. Create a shared Google calendar or app (only if age-appropriate) or buy a big whiteboard version you can hang on the wall and have everyone contribute. The point is to have one singular location that notes everyone’s schedule and minimizes mix-ups. That way, spending more time together is as simple as scheduling it on a day everyone is free. Think: a standing family movie night every Thursday.

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3. Do Chores Together

Maybe getting your kids to take out the trash is like pulling teeth. Instead of hounding, bribing, or doing it all yourself, get everyone involved at the same time. Put on an upbeat playlist and have a kitchen dance party while the whole fam works on a communal list of to-dos. You can even schedule a “chore party” on the house calendar, so everyone is prepared. Not only will you be getting stuff done and spending time together, but helping out will help develop your kids’ sense of responsibility and ownership.

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4. Create A Homework Routine

Establish a specific “homework time,” preferably as soon as school, clubs or sports let out for the day. Of course, a snack break or convo about their day is welcome, but the goal is for your kid to stick to the routine of getting work done before any distractions make it more difficult for them to concentrate (i.e. screens). Once homework is done for the night, you can celebrate by enjoying time together without anything hanging over their heads—or yours.

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5. Put Technology To Work

We’re all pretty well-versed on the benefits of online shopping by now. So yes, utilizing your Amazon Prime for toilet paper and diaper subscriptions is practically a must for saving time. And that goes for creating reminders and lists with your Alexa or Google Home. But you can also hack even the most basic of chores: laundry. Instead of throwing the clothes in the wash and forgetting to switch ‘em over to the dryer, use your machine’s delay setting to automatically run a load an hour before you get home. That way, as soon as you walk in the door, the laundry is halfway done and you’re halfway closer to enjoying time with the fam.

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6. Move Together

Make your exercise time part of family time. It’s easier to fit in a brisk walk or hike, yoga flow or dance class when you’re doing it together. Not only will you be working towards closing your rings, you’ll be bonding during a shared experience, stimulating your children’s creativity and helping them start (and learn to have fun with) healthy habits.

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7. Everything In Its Place

Stick to the cardinal rule of an organized home: Every last item must have a designated place. That way, you’re not wasting precious time searching for your keys or your son’s soccer cleats. Think: Keys on the hook, cleats on a rubber mat in the mud room. And for all that miscellaneous stuff, that’s what those chic little woven baskets are for. Because keeping things organized will keep you sane, and help you actually relax and unwind when it comes to spending quality time with your people.

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