‘Legend of the Dadman’ Is the New Book Your Kid Will Love—and NYC Families Need to Check Out the "Farts & Crafts" Parties to Celebrate Its Launch

legend of the dadman

If you’re looking for a new book to entertain your kid and something to do on the weekend, we’ve got you covered. To celebrate the launch of new book, Legend of the DadmanCAMP locations in NYC are offering a weekend of fun this July. 

Legend of the Dadman is the first book in The Bedtime Chronicles, a hip-hop inspired children’s book series (aimed at kids from pre-k to third grade) that was written for both children and parents to enjoy. The series centers around the Rimes family, and each book in the series is a different member of the family telling Benny (our 5-year-old protagonist) a bedtime story. First up is Benny’s father Stan narrating his tale, and the second book (released later this year) is his sister Mary Lou telling a story.

Author Derek Siskin tells us that he wanted to do a contemporary spin on the traditional rhyme book, while making bedtime easier, lighter and something worth looking forward to. “As a lifelong fan of hip-hop music who has always been creatively inspired by the rhyme styles, wordplay and storytelling nature of the art form, I felt like there was no better way to reimagine the children's rhyme book than to lean into the most popular form of rhyme in today's culture—hip-hop music.” Parents will love the clever references and pop culture Easter eggs, while kids will love the funny rhymes (“Could teach a class in passing gas cause he’s a skilled dad. Farts and crafts!”)

On July 10 and July 11, CAMP store/playspace will be hosting an event for families to celebrate the book—first in CAMP Hudson Yards (Saturday) and then CAMP 5th Avenue (Sunday). The fun kicks off at 11 a.m. with party music and games, followed by a live reading with the author and his son and in-person farts & crafts (so, yeah, your kid is going to love it). There will also be an opportunity for photos and book signings. 

Order your copy now and then get ready to rhyme your kid to sleep. 

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