14 Teething Remedies Real Moms Swear By

Watching your baby or toddler deal with aching gums is almost as hard on you as it is on your poor kid. So we asked real parents who have survived those tricky growing pains (and some who are right in the middle of them) to share their top tips. Here, 14 genius teething remedies to try with your tot.

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“I recommend homemade frozen fruit popsicles—they’re great for teething and for keeping cool on hot summer days.” — Michaela N.

“Put large chunks of cucumber in the freezer for a few minutes for teething babies to gnaw on. The cold soothes sore gums and they get a nice snack.” — Sara A. 

Breast milk popsicles were the only thing that worked for us. They’re actually really easy to make and nutritious, too.” — Sabrina S.  

“Half of a frozen bagel or frozen waffles to chew on and Tylenol at night worked great with all seven of my kids.” — Deanna D.

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“Now that my daughter is teething, we've been encouraging her to use a straw cup for water. She likes chewing on the straw, and it's rewarding when she gets a little cold water, too.” — Jillian Q.

“This might be controversial, but dabbing a tiny bit of whiskey on my finger and rubbing my baby’s gums has worked wonders.” — Kim C.

“A wet, cold washcloth to chew on is the best for teething babies.” — Dabee K.

“I'm pretty crunchy, but when my baby girl’s teeth came in four at a time, that went out the window and we gave her baby Advil. It was the only thing that worked. That and chewing on a rubber spatula.” — Laura W.

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“Frozen peas! They numbed my baby’s gums and she felt like she was getting a tasty treat. For years, I don't think that she realized that they can be consumed any way other than frozen.” — Shauna P.  

“Both of my boys were obsessed with those teething toys that you can buy and pop in the freezer.” — Barbara C.  

“I gave my son gripe water for his sore gums and it totally worked!” — Jo P.

“Frozen bananas, peaches or mangoes in a mesh fresh food feeder.” — Christine G.

“As a dentist, I used Tylenol, Advil and Orajel.” — Tonya M.

“Stale pizza crusts and Motrin for the kids (and wine for the parents).” — Catesby C.

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