Parents Are Naming Their 2021 Babies After These 4 ‘Ted Lasso’ Characters

Are we the only ones who wait with bated breath for BabyCenter to reveal their list of the most popular baby names each year? Well, hot off the presses, the 2021 round-up includes the most exciting revelation, courtesy of pop-culture loving parents: Ted Lasso-inspired uncommon baby names are *huge* this year.

We’re not totally surprised (after all, we’re mega-fans of the hit TV show conceptualized by and starring Jason Sudeikis), but we were curious. Which baby names plucked from the series are trending and—real talk—are the ones you can likely expect multiples of in your kid’s classroom a few years down the line? Here, the top three—plus, one more that’s a total shock.

The Most Common TV-Inspired Baby Names Include ‘Game of Thrones’ and ‘Breaking Bad’ Characters

keeley jones ted lasso baby names
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1. Keeley

Who could resist the allure of a name that nods to such a smart, confident independent woman like Keeley Jones, PR extraordinaire, Rebecca’s bestie and girlfriend (TBD, no spoilers!) of the gruff, but absolutely charming Roy Kent? This name—per BabyCenter—is climbing the charts, up 15 percent this year.

roy kent ted lasso baby names
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2. Roy

Speaking of Keeley’s main squeeze, Roy is up 9 percent in 2021. Come on, the former captain of AFC Richmond is famous for his, ahem, colorful turns of phrase—but he’s also one of the most endearing and adorable members of the cast, too. (Of course, this moniker is on the rise.)

jamie tartt ted lasso baby names
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3. Jamie

It’s hard to think of self-absorbed (but also most-improved) all-star Jamie Tartt without his anthem—to the tune of “Baby Shark”—immediately popping into your head. But Jamie—like Roy—is a character we can’t help but root for. It makes perfect sense that this name is also up 10 percent in 2021.

rupert ted lasso baby names
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4. Rupert

TBH, this name’s sudden soar to popularity has us a bit perplexed. Rupert is up 67(!) percent this year. As the arch nemesis (and ex-husband) of Rebecca—and the man scheming about AFC Richmond’s downfall the most—we were surprised to see this name climbing the charts. But the Ted Lasso effect clearly knows no bounds. (To soften the blow, Nate’s popularity in 2021 is way down.)

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