Why We’re Making the Switch to Stewart Healthy Dog Treats

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Whether you’ve just picked up your very first puppy or you’re ten years into fostering a brood, dog treats are a big part of your pet’s diet—especially if you’re training them to master a new skill or heading into a stressful situation (ugh, bathtime). Since they often have more than one in a day, it’s important that the treats they consume aren’t doled out as dessert, but rather a healthy reward that extends their little lives as long as possible. Our motto? The healthier the treat, the healthier the dog. For this reason, we’re making the switch to Stewart Healthy Dog Treats. Here are five reasons why we’re big fans.

1. Some Treats Are Single-Ingredient

Made in the U.S., Stewart treats are grain-free and all natural (two things we love to hear) and each of their single-ingredient options targets a different need: The Chicken Breast is naturally low in sodium and fat for a healthy heart and weight, the Wild Salmon is rich in omega-3s and vitamin D for a strong coat and bones, and the Chicken Liver and Beef Liver both have plenty of vitamin A and B for healthy eyes.

2. And They’re Freeze-Dried

Stewart dog treats are made with all-natural ingredients, so they’re a healthier option than many commercial treats that are packed with artificial ingredients and preservatives. The freeze-drying process uses low temperature, which preserves the natural nutrients in a much more efficient way than the traditional air drying or baking processes. The freeze-dried products also have low moisture, making them shelf-stable without the use of artificial preservatives.

3. They’re Good For Allergy-Prone Dogs

Did you know that a limited-ingredient diet can help resolve allergy issues 1) by narrowing things down and 2) by offering more simple ingredients. If that happens to be an issue with your dog, Stewart’s single-ingredient treats are a great place to start.

4. And Some of Them Come with Additional Benefits

Stewart now carries Healthy Gut and Healthy Hips—two treats that help with digestion and joint function, respectively. Healthy Gut comes with live probiotics for healthy gut microflora for enhanced digestion, while Healthy Hips has glucosamine and chondroitin to provide building blocks for healthy joints and to fuel joint development.

5. Finally, They’re Crowd-Pleasers

And by crowd-pleasers we mean that they’re great for multi-dog households with different needs. For example, if Cooper is extremely picky and Oakley is a veritable vacuum, you can rely on Stewart to satisfy both of their eating habits (a wide variety for the picky eater and a healthy treat for the ravenous one). One stop shopping for the whole fur family? Sign us up.

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