Spring Fashion Trends for Kids That Are So Good, We Kinda Want to Wear Them Ourselves

How do we know what’s hot for kids’ clothing this year? By hitting up Instagram, of course. And among the looks trending with the junior Insta influencer set right now are some pretty grown-up pieces that are also pretty damn fashionable. Behold—and shop—the latest trends in kid style at their miniaturized finest.

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'70s Bell Bottoms

Nothing adds flair to a school look like, well, flares. This is the dawning of the age of Aquarius, and we are here for it. (P.S. It’s pretty groovy to realize she’ll be a grown-up in the 2070s.)

Get the look: Harlow Jade ($48); Mini Muse ($35); Kapri Couture ($12)


They are so irresistibly cool, we don’t even care if he uses them as a slingshot.

Get the look: H&M ($20); Oeuf ($104); Zara ($25); Carter's ($11)

Dark Florals

A blossoming trend on grown-up runways translates beautifully to kid-wear in a bouquet of styles from athleisure joggers to dressy dresses. Flower power FTW.

Get the look: Munster ($60); H&M ($5); Mabo ($55); Soft Gallery ($52)

Easter Egg Pastels

Would it even be spring without lavender, petal pink and robin’s egg blue? Pure, pale and perfectly appropriate for your little bunny.

Get the look: Carrement Beau ($76); Babaa ($98); Mondan Kids ($142)

Destroyed Denim

No need to worry about him ripping his clothes to shreds. The bigger the holes, the stronger his style cred becomes.

Get the look: H&M ($40); Tilly’s ($25); Zara ($30)

Gingham 2.0

Blake Lively got the memo. So, apparently, did tons of children’s-wear designers, who are blowing out this classic pattern in fresh new ways—like jumpsuits.

Get the look: Bobo Choses ($99); Mabo ($64); Bonpoint ($195)

High-waist Trousers

Forever flattering when worn by adults, beyond adorable on their mini-me’s, these are the definition of “outfit maker.” Pair with a T-shirt and slay all day (or, you know, ’til nap time).

Get the look: Mabo ($43); Mini Muse ($32); Mondan Kids ($48)


We’re calling it: Deep teal is the new millennial pink. Ask any tiny trendsetter.

Get the look: Appaman ($161); H&M ($5); Sons and Daughters ($85)


Bjork was ahead of her time. This symbolic bird—born awkward before growing into its beauty—offers an empowering image moms will flock to.

Get the look: Munster ($60); Stella McCartney ($113); Mademoiselle a Soho ($92); Bang Bang Copenhagen ($33)

Pom-pom Embellishments

Three cheers for this fun, fuzzy accent that’s popping up on everything from swimsuits to sundresses.

Get the look: Kalinka ($95); J. Crew ($35); Stella McCartney Kids ($112)

Royal Tees

Official evidence kids rule. Like you needed a T-shirt to tell you that.

Get the look: Trilogy Design ($10); Artistic Crown ($18); LoveJoAndCo ($18)