7 Backyard Hosting Necessities You Probably Haven’t Thought Of

You’ve cleaned your grill, made a shopping list and tidied up your lawn. But what about the smart details that make a backyard party that much better? Here, seven necessities to add to your prep list.

single serve sides

Single-serve Sides

Don’t worry, it’s a much lower lift than it sounds. Just whip up your classic big batch of pasta salad like you normally would. But instead of letting it sit in an uncovered bowl outside, tally your guests and divvy it up into single-serve lidded jars to keep ants and flies out of the food in a really cute way.

little girl holding a popsicle
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Wet Ones Hand Wipes

We’re all about that backyard barbecue life during summer—but the messes that come with it? Not so much. Ketchup-laden hands, melting ice pops… you get the picture. To tackle them head on, place a canister of Wet Ones® Hand Wipes on each table around your yard. They’ll instantly wipe clean any dirty hands without leaving that sticky residue, not to mention cut down on traffic to the bathroom sink inside your house. Now someone pass us the ice pops.

sage growing in a pot
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Hear us out: Sage isn’t just for warding off bad vibes in your house, it’s also great for getting rid of bugs. Snip some from your garden and tie it in a bundle. Then put it on the warm grill post-burgers and let the scent waft through the yard to keep insects from invading.

woman spraying bug spray
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Spray Stations

Your sage is on the grill, but it never hurts to have a bug backup. Set up a small table with repellant spray and lotion that’s well away from the food. Even better if you set it up near the yard games so the kids have easy access.

metal basket with recycling
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Recycling Basket

Putting recyclables into the garbage isn’t ideal, nor is sorting them yourself after a party. Instead of having guests toss everything into one big trash bag, put out a metal basket and label it “recycling.” It’s a nice touch for guests that’s easy on you and on the environment.

outdoor dining table with craft paper

Brown Craft Paper

Spread it over any and all outdoor tables to make cleanup a breeze. At the end of the night, just fold it up and toss away the mess. Place several jars and bottles filled with flowers, utensils and napkins on top to hold the paper in place and make the scene look intentionally rustic.

candles on an outdoor table
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Flameless Candles

Make the transition from day to dusk easy with battery-powered candles—just place them in holders or paper lanterns for a decorative touch. You won’t have to worry about real flames attracting bugs, getting knocked over or being blown out by the breeze, but you will get that festive glow that keeps the party going after dark.

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