A PureWow Quiz

Quiz: What Method of Sleep Training Is Right for You?

The second the baby clock strikes four months, visions of your newborn sleeping through the night—which, FYI, is counted as five hours straight at this stage—start running through your head. But when it comes to sleep training, where do you start? Take our quiz to determine which tried-and-true method is right for you.


Your Tolerance For Tears Lasts About:

5 minutes

90 minutes

1 minute

0 minutes

It depends on the night

Tears? What tears?


How Do You Currently Get Your Baby To Sleep?

Rocking the baby all the way to sleep

Setting them down drowsy, but awake


When It Comes To Your Baby Monitor, You Always Have The:

Video on, volume off

Video on, volume on

Video off, volume on

Video off, volume off


Be Honest: Have You Ever Slept When The Baby Sleeps, During Daytime Hours?




Pick A Bedtime Book:

Time for Bed

The Going to Bed Book

Goodnight Moon

Goodnight, Gorilla

Go the F**k to Sleep

Llama Llama Red Pajama