3 Reasons Not to Find Out the Sex of Your Baby

It’s the inevitable question the minute you tell your friends you’re expecting: Boy or girl? But before you can reply, you’ll notice that people all around you (from your parents to your BFF) stand divided on whether or not you should find out. Here, a case for waiting it out.

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Finding Out The Sex Ahead Of Time Can Actually Feel Disappointing

Since the day you found out you were pregnant, you’ve had your fingers crossed for a girl. That makes it hard to mask your reaction when your OB-GYN reveals…a penis. On the flip side, if you wait until the delivery room and—surprise—it’s a boy, you’re much less worried about the sex and more focused on the wee little person in your arms.

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You’ll Get Less Gender-specific Stuff

Finding out the sex means your Aunt Ida will probably gift you something off-registry that’s the pinkest pink (or bluest blue) she can find. NBD if you’re into that—but waiting it out means people will gift you more grays, yellows and neutral tones.

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Brainstorming Names Stays Interesting Until The End

Once you know the sex, you’ll probably get to a place where you feel pretty confident about the name. Waiting for the delivery room will keep you and your hubby pinging ideas off each other (Grayson! Fleur!) all the way through.

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