6 Moms on the Most Randomly Awesome Things They Purchased This Week

Sometimes the best medicine for motherhood is simply a good laugh. To bring you just that, PureWow and Air Wick® V.I.P. partnered with six comedians for “Clear the Air”—a virtual comedy event. Click here to watch the full Youtube special. And if you’re hoping to clear your air IRL, shop Air Wick V.I.P. Pre-Poop Spray.

A purchase doesn’t have to be fancy to be exciting. Heck, it doesn’t even have to be big. Here are eight random but awesome things that you may want to put on your shopping list ASAP, straight from savvy PureWow moms and friends.

vip poo spray

Air Wick® V.i.p. Pre-poop Spray

“We’ve all been home a lot more lately, hence using the bathroom more frequently, which means…yeah. Not pleasant, since apparently no one knows how to turn on the fan. I got this on a whim but it’s actually amazing— you just spray the Air Wick® VIP Pre-Poop Toilet Spray into the toilet before you go and it traps odors in the bowl. It contains natural essential oils that leave the bathroom smelling better than before you used it. The kids actually tried it because they think it’s hilarious.” —Cristina P.

boogie wipes

Baby Nose Wipes

“Boogie wipes! After reading PureWow editor Rachel Bowie’s glowing PureWow 100 review and dealing with so much grossness, I finally bought a three-pack of these and they really are as good as parents say. [My son] August still hates when I wipe his nose but at least I can get rid of all that gunk (even the crusty bits) without turning his poor little nose all red!” —Alexia D.

hexbug and canned margarita

Robot Bugs And Canned Margaritas

“For the kids: HEXBUG. They’re like little robot bugs they go nuts for. For me, the Cutwater Spirits canned margaritas. They are so good for a canned cocktail!” —Mirissa K.

BUY THE MARGS (4 for $13)

edible markers

Fine Tip Edible Markers

“Food markers! I don’t have the time to craft sandwiches into Pokemon characters, but I can draw a funny face on my daughter’s banana for a surprise at lunch.” —Candace D.

foot file and puzzle globe 2

A Foot File And 3d Puzzle

“This is sort of embarrassing, but after a million months without a pedicure, I bought a foot file, and grated off half my foot and it was amazing. For the kids—we're all obsessed with this 3D globe puzzle. It's really fun to put together, and a geography lesson as you go.” —Jillian Q.


bento lunchbox

Kid-sized Lunchbox

I got [my son] Sam a new Bentgo lunchbox and he loves it! And I love it, too. It’s so easy and fun to pack his little lunches for when he goes off to Nonni’s (his grandmother’s)." —Amy O.

purewow mark salmon

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