The 3 Best Play Kitchens on Amazon

It’s equal parts exhausting and amazing: Your toddler is curious about every little thing that’s around them. (Read: They sit still, like, never.) That’s why you’re constantly in search of anything that will keep their hands busy. Case in point: A play kitchen. Not only is it bound to stimulate their imagination and creativity; it will occupy them for multiple minutes. (The goal!) But who knew there were so many options? That’s why we did the research for you and cherry-picked the best of the bunch—whether you’re looking for burners that light up or one with a farmhouse sink.

splurge worthy milton and goose classic play kitchen

Splurge-worthy: Milton And Goose Classic Play Kitchen

The Facts:

  • Plastic-free
  • Features interactive components like a pull-down oven door and knobs and burner dials that turn
  • Minimal assembly required

Toddlers and parents alike will adore this beautiful and play-focused design, certain to spur loads of culinary creativity from your budding chef. Crafted from sustainable wood and topped with nontoxic finishes and water-based paints, this play kitchen is built with quality and aesthetic in mind, but also with the appropriate bells and whistles to engage and entertain your little one. For example, the extra-large pull-down oven door and turning knobs, not to mention the spacious farmhouse sink with hot and cold water taps. “No detail is forgotten in this exquisite play kitchen design,” one mom attests. “I love watching my son’s imagination at work as he tries to mimic our eating habits, but also applaud the fact that it’s plastic-free and pretty.”

best value step2 best chefs kitchen playset

Best Value: Step2 Best Chefs Kitchen Playset

The Facts:

  • Features battery-operated burners and pots and pans that light up and make sounds
  • Extra-large design gives kids plenty of counter (and storage) space
  • Includes a 25-piece accessory set

“There’s no greater delight than seeing my toddler’s eyes light up as the saucepan on the stove emulates the sound of boiling water,” says one mom. “It captures her attention every single time she walks by.” That's the best testament to the allure of this large—and interactive—play kitchen, with a design that features clicking knobs, a swivel faucet and a pot and pan that magically bubbles and sizzles. What’s more, this is one play kitchen that actually includes a slew of accessories ranging from condiment bottles, salt and pepper shakers and cooking utensils, a win at such an affordable price.

best seller kidkraft uptown espresso kitchen

Best Seller: Kidkraft Uptown Espresso Kitchen

The Facts:

  • Sturdy and built to endure the wear and tear of multiple kids
  • Includes clever details like a fridge ice machine and a microwave turntable that really rotates
  • Made from wood and particleboard

If you’re going to invest in a play kitchen, you want to know it’s one that will last and last. That’s what KidKraft offers and, better yet, it’s in the form of a super-smart design that includes everything from a pretend ice machine on the refrigerator door to a microwave and dishwasher and oven doors that open and close with special latches. “This is a play kitchen that will keep your kids engaged for hours—there is so much to do!” says one mom. “It’s also big enough for multiple kids to play at once, which is perfect for playdates especially when kids are still learning how to share.”

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