Patricia Heaton Gets Her Kids to Eat Their Veggies with *This* Clever Trick

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Fun fact: The Middle actress Patricia Heaton just debuted a really fabulous decor collection with Walmart. Practical and just plain fun, the collection is inspired by Heaton's own passion for breezy summer entertaining. Specifically, breezy summer entertaining with children running around. 

To celebrate this exciting venture, we caught up with Heaton and discussed everything from her new, upcoming CBS show, Carol's Second Act, to the joys of collecting beautiful dishware, to the "mom hacks" that make her busy life with four rambunctious boys a little bit easier.

On that last item, we just had to share her advice for getting her fussy eater kiddos to eat their veggies: “Life with four boys can get crazy, so shortcuts are always appreciated," she shared with PureWow. "To keep [the boys] eating healthy, I always mixed chopped up broccoli and carrots into their turkey burgers. They hardly noticed!" Love! Such a good reminder that ground proteins (or pasta sauces, or really anything that can serve as a veggie smuggler) are a foolproof way to sneak some extra goodness into your kids' diets. 

Any other "mom hacks" up this Jill-of-all-trades' sleeves? You bet: "Make school lunches the night before! And never leave the house without wipes.” Celebrity mom-trepreneurs—they're just like us. 


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