The 5-Minute Bonding Exercise Every Parent-to-Be Should Do Before the Baby Comes

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You two are totally on the same page when it comes to baby names and nursery decor, but what about your family values? You may have a general sense of what morals and beliefs you want to instill in your kid (like honesty, respect and kindess), but it's hard to know how to translate that into everyday life. Enter this fun exercise that will help you get to the heart of your growing family's principles.

Grab some paper and a pen and set a timer for five minutes. Now, each of you writes down three things you liked about your childhood (“we always ate breakfast together)” and three things you didn’t (“my parents never let me have a pet”).

You’ll be surprised what this says about the things that are important to you (like spending quality time together and responsibility, for example). Then compare notes and see what kind of discussion it sparks. Hey, you may even come up with some fun new routines and traditions for your budding family unit.

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