The One Mistake You're Probably Making When Working from Home with a Dog

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Your dog has been your devoted friend for years. She consoled you when Tom What's-His-Face broke up with you in the 10th grade; cuddled you when you got that terrible stomach flu in college and most recently, became your permanent co-worker, making lockdowns a bit more bearable. And while you two have been glued at the hip for the last 18 months, there may be one unintentional faux pas you've been committing while working from home...

So, what's the one mistake you're probably making when working from home with a dog?

We wouldn't have guessed it, but keeping your dog in the same room as you while you hammer away at your desk every day is probably not the best idea. Why? Because your pup simply gets too used to having you around and may suffer from separation anxiety once you start going back into the office—or even just leaving the house more. Not only that, but showering them with too many hugs, kisses and cuddles—which is a byproduct of having them around too much—may also leave them feeling a little antsy and neglected when you're no longer there around the clock.

Great, so what's the solution?

Don't get us wrong, we highly encourage overloading your four-legged family members with love and affection, but you also want to make sure they're able to have a good day even when you're not home. So, start by putting them in a separate room while you're working and closing the door, even if it's just for ten minutes at a time. That way, they don't get too used to lying on your lap or getting random pats. Preventive Vet also encourages you to crate train your doggo or create a long-term puppy zone where they can meander off to and spend some alone time. Leaving toys such as interactive puzzles or Kongs tethered in place is also recommended to encourage independent play. Hey, a little me time is healthy for any relationship, right? 

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