6 Easy (and Non-Lame) Ways to Chronicle Baby Milestones

You never really thought yourself the type to want to document the daily details of your newborn’s life. But now that your baby is here, you’re so smitten that you’re not actually opposed to finding a few lazy (and social media-friendly) ways to keep track of the major milestones. Here, six non-lame ideas.

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An Instagram-worthy Baby Book

This interactive (and aesthetically-pleasing) journal called “The Story of You” is designed to document your baby’s first year month by month. Also included: A complimentary set of photo prints, as well as a nifty pen. 

Artifact Uprising ($120)

instagram account for baby

...or A Just-for-baby Private Instagram Account

It's the easiest way to document every single baby moment and share them—selectively—with the people who care. (Hi, grandparents.)

Instagram (Free)


A Custom Infographic

You provide the info (details like your baby’s weight at birth and a few funny traits) and this Etsy shop will get to work editing everything into a frame-worthy design. (FYI, you get one round of edits before it goes to print.)

Etsy ($200)

A Felt Letter Board

Numeric blocks are out, retro letter boards are in. Document details (like birthdays and quirky habits) of your little one’s first year, then take photos and post to Instagram. 

Etsy ($40)


A Photo Book Subscription

And you thought you had a lot of pics on your camera roll before having a kid. Sign up for Chatbooks’ baby photo book series and, for every 60 adorable images you snap, a 6x6 photo book will get shipped directly to your door. (Don’t worry, even though it’s automatically assembled, you still have the opportunity to make edits.)

Chatbooks ($15/Book)

gmail account for baby

A Gmail Account In Your Newborn’s Name

It’s zero cost to you and also the easiest way to send time-stamped notes with one-liners—or lengthy downloads—about life moments big and small that they’ll be able to read (and cherish) at a later date. Bonus points if you attach a pic. 

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