16 Newborn Halloween Costumes to Add to Your Cart ASAP

Forget back-to-school: The second the clock strikes fall, you’re strategizing about Halloween, in particular what costume your itty-bitty newborn will wear this year. After all, baby’s first Halloween is a memorable one. (These photos will resurface at their high school graduation, wedding and more.) Here, we’ve compiled 16 of the best newborn Halloween costumes, available in sizes 0 to 6 months, to add to your cart ASAP.

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newborn halloween costumes little avocado

1. Little Avocado

This plush—and super-soft—costume nods to one of the nation’s most beloved fruits. (Just think how funny it would be if mom or dad dressed up as toast.) It’s also a master class in layering for what has the potential to be a cold night outdoors: The long-sleeve cotton tee and green-and-white-striped leggings both come included, so you can rest assured that your little one will not only be adorable, they’ll be warm. Bonus: Who can resist the pit as a belly?

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newborn halloween costumes fox
Pottery Barn Kids

2. Woodland Baby Fox

You went with a fox motif in the nursery—might as well go full-tilt and complete the theme. This snuggly one-piece is a whimsical nod to the woodland creature and designed with a fabric that’s soft and breathable against your newborn’s sensitive skin. The headpiece is included, but the only part that comes off, so that if your newborn is against wearing hats in the early days (common!), you’ve got options.

newborn halloween costumes baby jack jack1
Party City

3. Baby Jack Jack From ‘the Incredibles’

So what if your newborn hasn’t yet watched The Incredibles? If you’ve got older siblings in the mix, dress them as Violet and Dash and get the entire family in on the theme. The red stretch of this jumpsuit makes it easy to get on. The costume also comes with a hook-and-loop closure on the upper back and snaps along the legs, making comfort a priority—in addition to seamless on-the-fly diaper changes. The black eye mask is the finishing touch, which also allows for some privacy should your little one nod off. (Trick or treating is past their 6 p.m. bedtime, after all!)

newborn halloween costumes dog
Pottery Barn Kids

4. Baby Dog

You can picture it now: Your clan wandering around trick-or-treating with your pup (the real one) and your newborn, whom you dressed as an homage to her favorite four-legged friend by your side. This playful baby costume includes a hood with eyes, ears and a nose, but the pièce de résistance—i.e., the absolute best part about it—is the floppy puppy ears. (It should be considered a fact that adding animal ears to any baby outfit makes your kid infinitely cuter, no matter what.)

newborn halloween costumes spiderman1
Party City

5. Baby Spiderman

As far as superheroes go, Spiderman is definitely a classic. He’s also one of the most recognizable of the bunch. (You’d spot that signature blue and red jumpsuit from a mile away.) This newborn-sized homage is the ultimate one-piece design, complete with pants decorated at the bottom to look like Spiderman’s boots and a hook-and-loop closure for easy dressing (and undressing), too. The mask is optional of course—how long it stays on all depends on your newborn’s mood.

kangaroo costume for newborn

6. Baby Kangaroo Costume

They may be too little to hold the kangaroo toy that comes with (designed to go in the attached pouch), but your newborn can practice their motor skills as they dress in this cozy and warm costume that includes marsupial feet and a hood complete with an adorable kangaroo face. Bonus points if you bounce your baby (in other words, make them delightfully hop) for a Boomerang while wearing it.

newborn halloween costumes princess leia
Party City

7. Baby Princess Leia

Just because they’re less than 6 months old doesn’t mean you can’t go all in on your love of Star Wars. This full-length, long-sleeve white robe features a printed utility belt and a turtleneck cut to keep your newborn warm and toasty on a colder-than-usual Halloween night. Of course, when it comes to the hair, chances are that your baby is still lacking, which is where this slip-on foam headpiece—designed to emulate her iconic look—comes in. Ready to take on the Death Star? Yes.

newborn halloween costumes sloth

8. Little Sloth

As any new mom knows, any outfit that comes with a zipper is a time-saving win. Case in point: This sloth ensemble. Not only is it plush and padded and warm, it’s something you can get your newborn into faster than you can change a diaper. Not only that, but the pants are separate, so you actually can change a diaper quickly on-the-go without having to peel the entire costume off.

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newborn halloween costumes pumpkin

9. Baby Pumpkin

If classic is your aesthetic, it’s tough to go wrong dressing your newborn as a pumpkin. This costume comes with a plush vest and hat with coordinated striped leggings and a shirt, so your baby is equipped for the elements, but completely color coordinated, too. The hat is also included, but sits light and loose so they might not even notice it’s there. (Cue the photo op.)

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newborn halloween costumes bat

10. Baby Bat

Speaking of iconic Halloween moments, a bat is one of the creepier signature creatures of the holiday, but, in costume form, it’s the perfect balance of spooky and sweet. The black-and-orange-striped leggings and long-sleeve shirt come included, as do the bat wings on the back. To wear, simply slip the vest over all the other pieces and your newborn will be good to fly go.

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newborn halloween costumes lion
Party City

11. Leo The Lion

This Anne Geddes-inspired costume will keep your newborn warm and cozy as you traipse around your neighborhood thanks to thoughtful details like the plush lion mane hood and paw coverage on the bottom of each foot. You could expand the theme and dress as a photographer—an homage to Anne—or use it as a jumping off point for other group costumes where a lion is the focal point. (Wizard of Oz, anyone?)

newborn halloween costumes elephant
Pottery Barn Kids

12. Baby Elephant

This one-piece suit is the type of costume that will make neighbors “ooh” and “ahh.” Why? Mainly because you have to have a heart of stone to resist that elephant trunk and ears. It’s made of velvety-soft fleece and comes with snaps on the front to make diaper changes a breeze. Your newborn will be the cutest guy in the entire Halloween herd.

newborn halloween costumes cow
Pottery Barn Kids

13. Baby Cow

In your quest to teach your little one that a cow says “Mooo!” this is your chance to go all-in on the training and dress them as one of the sweetest animals on the farm. This one-piece costume is full of flourishes that make it unique, from the headpiece (complete with horns) to the tail (tough to see in the pic, but there’s a video here). It’s worth noting that, in this case, the undergarments aren’t included, but you can fix that by shopping your newborn’s wardrobe: All you need is a white long-sleeved shirt and pants.

newborn halloween costumes winnie the pooh
Party City

14. Winnie The Pooh

This costume is the perfect entry point to a family-themed ensemble: With your newborn dressed as Pooh, you or your spouse can be Piglet…or Christopher Robin. (Or Eeyore or Tigger—options abound!) This furry yellow and red jumpsuit is plush and soft with snaps along the bottom so you can quickly take it on and off. The name Pooh is delicately embroidered across the front and the headpiece fastens by a hook-and-loop closure under the chin, so your newborn can have it on for photos, then be done. Shirt and shoes not included, FYI.

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newborn halloween costumes turtle

15. Sea Turtle

Truth: Your newborn still spends the bulk of their day sleeping. That’s where this costume—another Anne Geddes design—comes in. The ensemble itself is actually just the jumpsuit, which has a yellow underbelly and hood fashioned to look exactly like a turtle’s head. But here’s the kicker: The turtle shell is detachable, which means it can double as a crib on the go. Perfect for when your tiniest trick or treater decides she’s ready for a quick snooze.

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newborn halloween costumes baby shark

16. Baby Shark

This trend is over when your kids say it is. Why not get your newborn—and entire family—in on the fun with a flown-blown shark suit that comes with an attached hood decorated with a shark face and teeth to truly finish off the look? There’s a zipper closure for easy changes—although given the placement of the shark tail, it may be more comfortable for your newborn to take the garment all the way off.

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